02 April 2020

Immature leader

A person who commands the whole team have to be responsible for its players on the pitch, but outside of the stadium it has to be taking care of himself too or maybe not. You can connect the following story of having double standards, 'excellent' manners possible, just being dumb, pretend nothing serious have happened...
The captain of Aston Villa Jack Grealish behaved really immature after he was present at a car accident scene by ignoring the lockdown last Sunday, while days earlier in a video message the 24-year-old told everyone to stay at home. Hours later (just to get out quickly of the situation he explained his 'good behavior') on social media the footballer wrote 'I just want to say how deeply embarrassed I am by what is happened this weekend. I just got a call from my friend to go around to his and I stupidly agreed to do so'.
Now the club said that it will punish the player after this 'heroic escape'.


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