03 April 2020

First team that has gone insolvent due to virus, part two

Because of the current situation nowadays, more and more clubs have agreed with their players to receive less salaries in the following months, while one professional team has  been shown up to be disappearing from this sport.
Starting in Belgium, Anderlecht have asked from its footballers to give up part of their wages, some of them did not agree to do that, but couple of days ago the player and manager Vincent Kompany came into the rescue when he offered to pay for those colleagues who are in difficult financial situation. Apart from those with financial difficulties, players in three German clubs are continuing to show solidarity between each other. Without any problem footballers at Union Berlin (from last week) plus Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg (officially from today) are receiving less wages through mutual and respectful understanding. Really nice gesture comes from the Italian champions Juventus. Five days ago its footballers have disavowed of their wages until June, thus with this move the club will save nearly 90 million euros. Going to Spain, four teams have been confirmed to pay less salaries while one think that it will bear it until the end. Espanyol and Barcelona has revealed last Thursday that has reached through friendly agreement with each player of 70 percent cut in salaries. Alaves and Atletico Madrid did the same with an unknown decreased percentage. However, their rival Real Madrid is not touching anything. The club is estimating that they have enough finance to bear up with all numbers for the football and basketball players until this virus crisis is over (and beyond).
The following story may sound like a joke, but unfortunately it is not. Separately from all the upper cases, in this sport has appeared the first 'victim'. At Slovakia, as all players were not happy to receive less payments, they drove their club into bankruptcy. On 01 April all became free on the market, whilst Zilina has formally declared its liquidation.


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