24 April 2020

Stadium that looks like a lotus flower

At December 2022 People's Republic of China is going to have a beautiful football venue. It is going to be located at Guangdong province in its capital Guangzhou and will belong to the biggest club in the city - Guangzhou evergrande taobao. Seven days ago it began the construction of the arena worth 12 billion yuan (1.55 billion euros), who was projected by the Shanghai architect Hasan Syed. On the spectacular view from above / near side, it looks exactly like a lotus flower from the exterior view, while on the inside the game result will be visible into the walls. When the stadium will be completed, it is going to become the biggest in the world with 100.000 seats, until Barcelona stadium Camp nou extends its capacity to 105.000.
On the beginning of the week the Evergrande group announced on social media that are planning to build two more stadia. With arenas of 80.000 seats both are going to be constructed within the country, without revealing any further details where. Just they asked help from spectators to pick their designs out of six proposals.


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