11 April 2020

Stars who are no longer with us

Sadly in the next lines are going to be mentioned precious people which have passed away.
Atletico Madrid have lost one player and one famous former coach in a space of nine days. On 28 March has died a member of the youth academy Christian Minchola. He was only 14-years-old. At the beginning of the week the famous coach Radomir Antic also left us. The 71-year-old Serbian manager who left a deep trace in the club, led Barcelona and Real Madrid too, have died from cancer. Ghana also have lost two former legends: on 29 March striker Opoku Afriyie died at 65, while one day later the country has lost its best striker who scored most goals for the national team from 1969 to 1976 - 36 from 40 appearances: Kwasi Owusu have passed away aged 74. Last Saturday, the former president of Gambian association Alhagi Ousman Basi Conateh departed us on 83. Eight days ago Gregorio Benito Rubio, who most of the playing career spent at Real Madrid, and the Spanish former national defender, passed away from illness at 73.
The terrible pandemic disease took the lives of the following people: at 68 in Senegal last Wednesday has died the ex president of Olympique de Marseille Pape Diouf, journalist in his home country and football agent. On 24 March has died the former Somalia player Abdulkadir Mohamed Farah at aged 59. The Reims doctor Bernard Gonzalez have committed suicide five days ago. Before he did this awful act, in the last letter that he wrote the 61-year-old revealed that he got infected with the virus. In the beginning of the week the mother of famous coach Josep Guardiola have passed away. Dolors Sala Carrio was 82.


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