07 April 2020

Prolongation in searching of a host for big event

Currently 2027 seems to be very far away, but one continent want to secure itself that its major championship is going to be one of the best ever organized in the future by asking the member associations to be a proud host for the nineteenth time.
Whoever wants to see competing the best 24 teams on its soil, in seven years from now, the Asian football organization is calling on all interested parties to participate in its bidding for the event known as an Asian Cup. Due to the pandemic that is terrorizing the whole world at the moment, on 02 April the affiliation has extended the tender process for (now less than) 90 days: from 31 March the new closing date is 30 June.
As of today India officially has become the first country to show interest to stage the event where the final winner will be known early of 2021.


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