04 April 2020

All are united for sending donations, part two

In these difficult times donations continue to arrive from best managers, players, clubs (and even two stadia), which is equivalently measuring like gold.
Jose Mourinho was spotted last Tuesday how he delivers food to the old and helpless people at the Enfield community (England). It was done in secrecy as no body from the media was informed and invited to record this good solidarity, but this was revealed after pictures emerged online from volunteers when they photographed with the 57-year-old. His colleague Josep Guardiola gave one million euros for purchasing medical equipment in the city of Barcelona.
The captain of the football club Barcelona Lionel Messi also donated one million euros where the sum was divided for the hospitals in the town and for his native Argentina. Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo prepared a big donation in terms of medical equipment in Lisbon and Porto, whilst Luka Modric gave away 100.000 euros to the medical facility at Zadar (Croatia).
Clubs are also giving plenty of finances and medical equipment. Through the global funding campaign from Inter the Italian team gathered 658.000 euros that went at Luigi Sacco hospital in Milan. French champions PSG last Thursday created 'Tous unis' (All united) campaign where each of 1.500 jerseys are selling for 175 euros, and in it is the logo of the Paris hospital. Day earlier the club gave 100.000 euros to one local humanitarian organization. Real Madrid has not revealed how much money provided for the Spanish capital last Tuesday, but it is now known that it is a big donation in sanitation material thanks to the both basketball and football players. Couple of days later Valencia (who had 35 percent of its staff and team infected with the virus, but from 01 April all are feeling well and cured) gave away 50.000 protective masks and 300 thermometers for the local health workers. Also, the Singaporean owner of the club and businessman Peter Lim cede its two hotels in Manchester (England) for the battle against the disease. Six days ago Barcelona as well donated 30.000 masks which was delivered by its regional sponsor, China Taiping insurance group. Most of them were intended for the elderly people at nursing homes.
From last Thursday, the Real Madrid stadium (Santiago Bernabeu) has started to be used as a storage for medical material. All of that will be delivered to the health workers in an efficient way. Today it was announced that Borussia Dortmund is offering its venue for help against the pandemic. Signal Iduna park is going to be in operation from this Saturday and it will be intended only for people that are suspected for showing symptoms where / or cannot be processed the tests in hospitals. In an humanitarian four hour program 'LaLigasantander fest' gathered 1.1 million euros. Last Sunday night the show has been transmitted in 182 countries where from television and social media was watched by nearly 50 million people. This charity will is going to be used for buying medical equipment.


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