09 April 2020

Adamant that every league must be finished this season

At the moment in the old continent only Belarus is not fearing the pandemic as football games are up and running, but because this country plays in a different season than the rest of Europe, all clubs are known (except the Cup winner) for the two international Cups competitions. One country has already annulled its championship by ending its earlier than expected, while others are at the merciless wait of the possible continuation due to the virus.
The only nation which is being realistic at the moment is Belgium, who on 02 April estimated that is no longer possible and useful to play matches under the current conditions, so the league is over for this season. Until 15 April this decision has to be confirmed by the 24 clubs (who have a right to vote), where 17 of them have already decided that the season should be stopped and that (as it stands) Club Brugge is the new champion of the country. Following this scenario thinks their neighbors Netherlands as well where three of the leading clubs like also to cancel the season, however in every story there is always a bad mother somewhere, whereat health is (probably) not a priority for her.
Just a day later (when the new Belgian winner was announced) the European football organization have said clearly that every member nation has to finish its leagues based on competing only. Clubs from those countries who will cancel or annul the current season will not be admitted to participate at the two international club tournaments (Champions and Europa league). Now for the upper problem (who is nowhere to be found) the affiliation has announced that it developed a plan which was not yet revealed.
So far officials (as fortune tellers) from each association are saying to the public various stories and only raising the time frame of the possible resumption of their championships on two weeks, then another two or even a month(s), but no one knows for sure when or if they will resume with playing activities.


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