31 May 2022

Prevented a third consecutive victory

After two in a row Wydad has stopped Al Ahly to raise the trophy for the third time. The hat-trick was averted tonight when the Moroccan club has won the African Champions league who now have three prizes. So, the victory team is the third champion who is going to represent this continent at the Club World Cup tournaments which no one knows when or if it will be held because no one talks about it.

30 May 2022

European play-off in its final stages

The second phase of the European qualifiers is going to close with the last two matches for the World Cup 2022 event, and just three names are in play for entering. Final traveler from the old continent had to be known at the end of March, but because of other troubles (which are not going to be mentioned here) this semi-final pair has been moved to next month. Hence, the team that would be placed in group B (of the final competition), is going to round up the elimination cycle of this region with the following two duels:

01 June, Wednesday at 20.45 CET: Scotland - Ukraine.

05 June, Sunday at 18.00 CET: Wales - winner of the upper match.

Campaign of same name competitions playing on two continents

Starting with the first night of next month the Nations league would be mentioned twice or in other words will be staged in two confederations.

Premiere of only one duel will open edition number three of the European tournament. According to the schedule: phase number one have to play on five nights, whilst part of the second one would begin on weekend. We are having four different times for which is expected to kick-off the following pairs: 

Round 1
01 June, Wednesday at 18.00 CET: Poland - Wales.

02 June, Thursday at 18.00 CET: Bulgaria - North Macedonia.
02 June, Thursday at 18.00 CET: Cyprus - Kosovo.
02 June, Thursday at 18.00 CET: Estonia - San Marino.
02 June, Thursday at 18.00 CET: Georgia - Gibraltar.
02 June, Thursday at 18.00 CET: Albania - Russia (suspended due to disqualification of Russia).
02 June, Thursday at 20.45 CET: Czech Republic - Switzerland.
02 June, Thursday at 20.45 CET: Israel - Iceland.
02 June, Thursday at 20.45 CET: Northern Ireland - Greece.
02 June, Thursday at 20.45 CET: Serbia - Norway.
02 June, Thursday at 20.45 CET: Slovenia - Sweden.
02 June, Thursday at 20.45 CET: Spain - Portugal.

03 June, Friday at 16.00 CET: Kazakhstan - Azerbaijan.
03 June, Friday at 18.00 CET: Latvia - Andorra.
03 June, Friday at 20.45 CET: Belarus - Slovakia.
03 June, Friday at 20.45 CET: Belgium - Netherlands.
03 June, Friday at 20.45 CET: Croatia - Austria.
03 June, Friday at 20.45 CET: France - Denmark.
03 June, Friday at 20.45 CET: Liechtenstein - Moldova.

04 June, Saturday at 15.00 CET: Armenia - Republic of Ireland.
04 June, Saturday at 18.00 CET: Finland - Bosnia and Herzegovina.
04 June, Saturday at 18.00 CET: Hungary - England.
04 June, Saturday at 18.00 CET: Lithuania - Luxembourg.
04 June, Saturday at 20.45 CET: Italy - Germany.
04 June, Saturday at 20.45 CET: Montenegro - Romania.
04 June, Saturday at 20.45 CET: Turkey - Faroe islands.

Delayed for 21 September, Wednesday at 20.45 CET: Scotland - Ukraine.

Round 2
05 June, Sunday at 15.00 CET: San Marino - Malta.
05 June, Sunday at 18.00 CET: Cyprus - Northern Ireland.
05 June, Sunday at 18.00 CET: Gibraltar - North Macedonia.
05 June, Sunday at 20.45 CET: Bulgaria - Georgia.
05 June, Sunday at 20.45 CET: Czech Republic - Spain.
05 June, Sunday at 20.45 CET: Kosovo - Greece.
05 June, Sunday at 20.45 CET: Portugal - Switzerland.
05 June, Sunday at 20.45 CET: Serbia - Slovenia.
05 June, Sunday at 20.45 CET: Sweden - Norway.

The North, Central America and the Caribbean part is going to commence with one season less. Various times are appearing here because of the different time zones (within the region and beyond) while some of them are repeating. Ending with the four pairs we are entering into the second round, and all is beginning with its predecessors (which are 17 matches).

Stage 1
02 June, Thursday at 22.00 CET: Anguilla - Dominica.
02 June, Thursday at 23.00 CET: French Guiana - Guatemala.

03 June, Friday at 00.00 CET: Belize - Dominican Republic.
03 June, Friday at 01.30 CET: Barbados - Antigua and Barbuda.
03 June, Friday at 01.30 CET: Panama - Costa Rica.
03 June, Friday at 02.00 CET: Guadeloupe - Cuba.
03 June, Friday at 22.00 CET: Saint Martin - Aruba.
03 June, Friday at 22.00 CET: British Virgin islands - Cayman islands.
03 June, Friday at 22.30 CET: Sint Maarten - Unites States Virgin islands.
03 June, Friday at 22.30 CET: Turks and Caicos islands - Bonaire.
03 June, Friday at 23.00 CET: Bahamas - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

04 June, Saturday at 02.00 CET: Curacao - Honduras.
04 June, Saturday at 04.00 CET: Nicaragua - Trinidad and Tobago.
04 June, Saturday at 23.00 CET: Bermuda - Haiti.

05 June, Sunday at 01.00 CET: Suriname - Jamaica.
05 June, Sunday at 01.30 CET: Montserrat - Guyana.
05 June, Sunday at 04.00 CET: El Salvador - Grenada.

Stage 2
05 June, Sunday at 19.00 CET: Costa Rica - Martinique.
05 June, Sunday at 21.00 CET: Dominica - Anguilla.
05 June, Sunday at 21.00 CET: Guatemala - Belize.
05 June, Sunday at 22.00 CET: Cuba - Barbados.

Qualifying start for main tournament of 2023

African Cup of nations 2023 in Ivory coast is just one year away, and whose teams are going to participate at the event we are going to find out through elimination cycle which are beginning with the first night of next month. In total 22 pairs are going to commence throughout the continent who are expecting three kick-off times. Round 1 is divided on five nights (where four will be active), while part of stage two would be played on weekend with the following schedule:

Phase 1
01 June, Wednesday at 18.00 CET: Angola - Central African Republic.
01 June, Wednesday at 18.00 CET: Libya - Botswana.
01 June, Wednesday at 21.00 CET: Ghana - Madagascar.

02 June, Thursday at 18.00 CET: Mozambique - Rwanda.
02 June, Thursday at 18.00 CET: Malawi - Ethiopia.
02 June, Thursday at 21.00 CET: Egypt - Guinea.
02 June, Thursday at 21.00 CET: Tunisia - Equatorial Guinea.

03 June, Friday at 15.00 CET: Comoros - Lesotho.
03 June, Friday at 18.00 CET: Togo - Eswatini.
03 June, Friday at 21.00 CET: Burkina faso - Cape verde.
03 June, Friday at 21.00 CET: Ivory coast - Zambia.

04 June, Saturday at 15.00 CET: Namibia - Burundi.
04 June, Saturday at 18.00 CET: Cameroon - Kenya (suspended because Kenya is disqualified).
04 June, Saturday at 18.00 CET: Gambia - South Sudan.
04 June, Saturday at 18.00 CET: Democratic Republic of Congo - Gabon.
04 June, Saturday at 18.00 CET: Niger - Tanzania.
04 June, Saturday at 21.00 CET: Algeria - Uganda.
04 June, Saturday at 21.00 CET: Mali - Congo.
04 June, Saturday at 21.00 CET: Mauritania - Sudan.
04 June, Saturday at 21.00 CET: Senegal - Benin.

Phase 2
05 June, Sunday at 15.00 CET: Central African Republic - Ghana.
05 June, Sunday at 15.00 CET: Botswana - Tunisia.
05 June, Sunday at 18.00 CET: Madagascar - Angola.

Going against their own only admits that something bad is happening

Limerick, Dublin and Cork are just three towns in Republic of Ireland where on 18 May the police did house raids, and the reason is match-fixing. Authorities have arrested 10 people where later 5 of them got released without charge, while local media was stating that in this scam participated well-known current and former footballers, who were in a range of 20 until 60 years-old. This investigation was reported from 2019 by the local association and the European football organization.
If you are wondering how the police have found out about this fraud, it was very easy: at some part of the state, plenty of supporters have placed their bets against their own clubs so it was not hard to detect that something fishy is going on about the ending result in the game.

Withdrew from event

Clubs from the Asian football competitions are just continuing to pull out and like that (again) disrupt the whole schedule.
The latest problem have caused Chao Pak Kei who had the rights to compete at the last, J group in the Afc Cup. But because the situation with the epidemics was just growing and travel restrictions in that part of the world were to blame, with no other choice this club from Macau had been forced to withdrew from the competition on 20 May. It is not the first nor last, however this group will continue its business with three teams, playing only three duels where all of them have to be held in just three nights: 24, 27 and 30 June.
Another interesting detail concerning this group is that 15 days earlier (of the withdrawal) was presented a new destination to play [Buriram, Thailand, (after its predecessor also have pulled out for the same reason)], which means that this is the only one from the other nine who do not have a hosting city.

29 May 2022

Unbelievable omission in organizing an important game

Champions league 2021-22 season, knockout round 4 - final played at Stade de France, Paris, France:

Liverpool - Real Madrid 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 58 (58.13) Vinicius de Oliveira junior

- Instead of 21.00 CET, the last match of the season began 37 minutes later. After this disgraceful start (and blaming the fans) now it is expected that the European football organization to rigorously punish someone and face serious consequences with it.

Additional information: Real Madrid is the second club who have qualified for the last tournament that is played at the end of each year, which until now no one knows if it will be staged or not (the Club World Cup).

28 May 2022

Brothers with guns

In October 2011 four brothers were having (plenty of) fun in discotheque at Nancy. Everything went smoothly, lots of alcohol was consumed, and the trouble began when they got drunk on the prohibited place: on the dance floor. Security came to throw them out, three got shot and injured, so they went to prison for participating in the fight... All these might seems to you as a short explanation from a western movie - but, in fact, it is a reality.
On 16 May 2022 the French court have send all siblings behind bars: Fabrice, Giovan and Jimmy. However, the fourth one which is missing is a little bit famous than the other three. Former French international Tony Vairelles is sentenced five years in prison, of whom two suspended, for armed assault.
Lawyers of the quartet wanted this case to be thrown out as it was dragged way too long, four judges have been replaced in the process...but to no avail: this trick did not succeed and at the end justice was done.

27 May 2022

Sanctions remained - countries disqualified

Before the elimination games will begin from 01 June for the following edition of the African Cup of nations, from last week the African confederation have punished three countries.
Last Monday it was penalized the football federation of Sao Tome e principe. The team played the preliminary duel against Mauritius on 24 March. However, a real mess have caused one footballer of the team when it failed to submit an obligatory test for the pandemic 48 hours before the match started. Because he participated in the mentioned game the visitors have been awarded with a win (0:3) plus the federation had to pay 9.607 euros financial fine.
Kenya and Zimbabwe did not solve their suspension in time (with the world football organization) so they are both eliminated from the qualifiers for the 2023 tournament. As both countries have needed the green light two weeks before the qualifiers commences, political interference in their own association prevented them to compete. Therefore from 23 May it was decided that: C and K groups are going to continue with three teams, new schedule had to be made and two teams will still travel to the finals in Ivory coast next year (which means that only one would be eliminated from both groups).

26 May 2022

Result formed in first half

Conference league 2021-22 season, knockout stage 5 - final played at Air Albania stadium (also known as Arena kombetare or National arena), Tirana, Albania:

Roma - Feyenoord 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 32 (31.33) Nicolo Zaniolo

Additional information: the first ever champion in this tournament will appear in Europa league group phase of 2022-23 campaign.

25 May 2022

Information about last matches

In a space of 72 hours, two European club finals are going to occur and like that will close the 2021-22 international season.
Albania on Wednesday, 25 May is going to have the honor of staging a significant tournament for the first time on its soil. Even though the Conference league is tertiary club competition of the continent the government have thought this is a very serious event and because of it has announced this date to be a public holiday. Its capital, where the match would be played, Tirana is going to be transformed whole into a walking zone where, according to the media, 100.000 spectators from both teams are expected to be present.
Just three nights later Champions league is in turn with its last game and ending of the campaign. Today the publisher of the ball, which footballers will torment the whole time, Adidas has revealed that has engraved the word "Peace" written in cyrillic and latin letters. Limited number of ball editions would be up for auction where the earnings is going to be dedicated to the refugees of Ukraine.

Please note: about the last two sentences of this text, of why this is happening, will not be discussed here.

24 May 2022

Judges that will appear on major football event

Until the World Cup 2022 there are 6 more months left, and on 19 May was revealed one more information about it.
The world football organization has released a list (which everyone can download) of 129 names that are going to be a part of the event as 'men in blue'. Divided of their knowledge in it are: 24 who will be locked in a room and observe if there are any irregularities seeking with the help of the little monitors, 36 people that would run inside the pitch or along with the players, plus 69 who would be deployed near the lines.
Because in every competition has to happen something for the first time, here is no exception so therefore: out from these numbers 6 female referees are going to appear of which 3 are main and the other 3 assistant ones.

23 May 2022

Finishing of a season

Out of three finals to be played at the end of the 2021-22 campaign has remained only two and those are scheduled to kick off on the last full week of this month. What connects both is that identical starting time is expected and (which is very strange) will entertain us on new nights.

Competition number three in significance would be staged first. Bit by bit, the youngest ever club international event is going to get its first champion. The winner of the Conference league is going to climb one step higher next season, and the answer of who it is will be discovered in Air Albania stadium, which is also known as Arena kombetare situated at the Albanian capital Tirana.

Wednesday, 25 May at 21.00 CET: Roma - Feyenoord.

Last match of the Champions league tournament had to move from one place to another again (for the third consecutive year), when basically from 24 February it was perfectly known that other town is going to host it and the decision have been made to be staged in Stade de France at Paris. Playing it on the weekend was the perfect idea from the organizers because most audience would be stuck in front of their television, and like that the viewership will just be on increase as well. Until now it is still unclear whether the victorious club in the following match would play a competition with champions of the other five confederations.

Saturday, 28 May at 21.00 CET: Liverpool - Real Madrid.

22 May 2022

Massive change awaits three club tournaments

Beginning from 2024-25 season all three European club international competitions would have a new playing look which was confirmed 11 days ago.
At Champions league instead of eight groups only one will exist. It means that four fresh clubs are going to be added, thus 36 are going to participate rather than 32. Out of where this quartet will come, it would be decided from national associations table, qualifiers and merits based on past seasons. Each club that was fighting (so hard) for coefficients will be erased. The gaming structure says that eight duels awaits every team or four playing at home and four away. Furthermore, the first eight are guaranteed of playing in last 16, while eight other teams would qualify through play-off, that have occupied from ninth to twenty fourth spot.
Having the same number of clubs for both: Europa league would have the same reform of eight group matches, whilst on Conference league teams await six group games.
Still, one catch is coming in all these shifts: because teams are going to be increased there is absolutely no chance (and time) that everyone is going to be entertained with everyone. Will this be successful change or a real disaster, we have to wait for two more years to find out this complication.

21 May 2022

Known where next final will be staged

Ten days ago the European football organization has already picked a place where one final would be played from its club international competition for the 2022-23 campaign.
Last two clubs for season number two of the third tournament in significance will travel to Czech Republic. Qualifying duels of Conference league are beginning on 07 July, while the event is going to end exactly 11 months later (07 June) the following year at Sinobo stadium (where until recently was known under the name Eden arena).
From way earlier it was revealed the two towns for the predecessors. Puskas stadium, Hungary will welcome the finish at Europa league on 31 May. And after two unsuccessful attempts (the 2020 and 2021 competitions were transferred to Lisbon and Porto, Portugal because of epidemic reason) finally it is turn for Turkey (hopefully third time will be lucky) to stage the last game of Champions league at Istanbul, 10 June in Ataturk Olympic stadium.

20 May 2022

After eleven back to one

Playing the last European championship throughout the continent was not accepted very well at all amongst the organizers itself where in 2020 (2021) was playing in 11 countries. In the stupidity of this ludicrous idea were lots of headaches in transport, logistics, tiredness...thus the leaders have said "never again". Nor two countries are in fashion (anymore), so for the next event only one is enough.
For the competition staged in 2024 the 24 teams will be situated in Germany. Nine days ago it was revealed where would be the opening and which town is going to close the tournament, and a deja-vu repetition is happening once again (which you can read further down in this text). On 14 June the first duel awaits to be played in Allianz arena in Munich, while exactly one month later (14 July) the finish will be in the capital (Berlin) at Olympiastadion. Apart from these two cities, eight more are going to be proud hosts: Cologne, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig and Stuttgart.
This year would be known the 10 qualifying groups where 54 states is going to find out of who will play who and where to travel, so the draw for it is going to be held in Frankfurt on 09 October. Out of this 10, the top two participants will fly directly to the final competition [and mixing with another event (Nations league)] we are coming to 23 teams (plus the host) which expects the last lot: six groups that are going to be formed on 02 December 2023 at Hamburg for edition number 17.
One of the interesting thing is that the above two cities who are organizing the first and ending match has been identically the same as the World Cup 2006.

19 May 2022

Winner decided by lottery system

Europa league 2021-22 season, knockout phase 5 final played in Estadio Ramon Sanchez - Pizjuan, Seville, Spain:

Eintracht Frankfurt - Glasgow rangers 1:1, on penalties: 5-4

Scorers: 0:1 57 (56.21) Joseph Aribo
               1:1 69 (68.47) Rafael Santos Borre

Additional information: with this victory Eintracht Frankfurt have occupied a spot in the group stage of Champions league 2022-23 campaign.

18 May 2022

Championships of a new era

For the good of this sport in the country, the Togolese football federation have authorized to create a Professional football league.
This new body will be in charge with first and second division, while the federation would cover third league, regional, youth and women divisions. Seven days ago members of the congress have accepted professionalism whereat three drafts were adopted: statute of the new body, criteria for participation in it and agreement between the these two organizations (federation and professional league).
Beginning of the professional championships to be played in Togo is agreed to take place from 2023-24 season.

17 May 2022

Need to relocate a whole event

On 04 June 2019 People's Republic of China have been named to welcome the Asian Cup 2023 competition on its soil for the second time. After this date lots of efforts has been put in organizing the event: improving infrastructures, reconstruction and building of new stadia, the logo was revealed and everything was telling that these preparations would finish smoothly and that the nation will show this championship in great image. But at 14 May 2022 the following news was announced which came as a shock to everyone (within the region and beyond).
The third largest country in the world has relinquished its rights to host the tournament just 13 months before the start. Main reason of why this was done is the epidemic situation: since the beginning (December 2019), the disease had return (in these parts) and recently one of the two biggest cities were under lockdown (first Shanghai, then Beijing), so there was no other option but to say "thank you" to the confederation.
Now the Asian organization is trying to find a fresh host. While some are speculating that the old dates would be kept (16 June - 16 July), others are saying that the event is going to be transferred to January - February period of 2024...and still these facts are not confirmed yet. However, one thing is for sure: the 24 teams will fly to a new, unknown destination for edition number 18.

16 May 2022

Second tournament in significance is starting first

From three club international competitions, the middle one is beginning first with the final.
This is usually the month where last games of the season are played, and for 2021-22 it is time to find out who will be the champion at Europa league. If the players are lazy or not in the mood of scoring goals, there may be a possibility that the following pair be prolonged deep into the night.

Wednesday, 18 May at 21.00 CET: Eintracht Frankfurt - Glasgow rangers.

15 May 2022

Blocking of a club avoided

Because of sanctions from 24 February the businessman Roman Abramovich unsuccessfully has tried to sell his club. And as the government of Great Britain went against its own football team, that same one was saved on the first Friday of this month.
Until 31 May Chelsea (desperately) needed to find a new owner, and if that was not done the licence would have been abolished, which meant that it could not be paid salaries to players / workers, competing at various events...or in other words it would be a very difficult time to exist. However, the rescue came eight nights ago when it was announced that Todd Boehly is buying them for 4.25 billion pounds (5 billion euros). Seeing that everyone wants to escape the upper scenario, all papers, transactions, regulations have to be done as far as the end of the fifth month in 2022. This purchase includes 2.5 billion pounds (2.95 billion euros) for shares of the club, and this money will go to humanitarian purposes.

Please note: owing to the fact that everybody knows why the old proprietor has been put on the punished list, the reason behind is deliberately avoided to be discussed here.

14 May 2022

In danger of losing a World Cup spot

Since 08 October 2020 and for 17 long, other nights at the end Ecuador has finished right in the last (fourth) place at the South American qualifying table that directly goes at the World Cup 2022. Literally at the final duel all players were overenjoyed, for their country is going to be seen at such popular event, but that happiness could easily be jeopardized for one small (and probably costly) mistake.
And that error is called Byron Castillo who was not born in 1998 at Ecuador (as official records are stating), but instead the defender came into this world at Colombia in 1995. This information was revealed by Chile (who currently is seventh) last Wednesday asking the world football organization to check if this is true. Disciplinary proceedings has been opened two days ago for fielding an ineligible player and (alleged) falsifying documents.
When Ecuador and Chile met at the elimination process, Ecuador won four points from these encounters, however, if the above tip off is correct, this nation may lose both games (because the footballer have played in them). In that case Chile would jump to fourth place (who is going to have a big smile) and will fly directly to the tournament. Meanwhile, the Peru position is going to be unchanged, so they still have to play an intercontinental match.
An exactly identical scenario as the upper one was the qualifiers that happened in September 2016 (for World Cup 2018) when Bolivia was the guilty party (and later fined), thus points were awarded to Peru and Chile after Nelson Cabrera did not have rights to participate in those two matches.

13 May 2022

Attacker has got himself in a very serious trouble

In Almeria at 2017 two Spanish players have sexually abused a woman. One of them was released, while the other (which is a little bit famous one than his friend): can not approach the victim for 12 years in a less of 500 metres plus have to pay a compensation in damages of 50.000 euros.
This verdict last Wednesday was intended for Santiago Mina who also is convicted to four years in prison. Back in that year the accused have participated for Valencia, who together with his teammate (from the earlier footballing days) David Goldar was freed of any conviction from the assault.
Now, the 26-year-old is a member of Celta Vigo who have initiated disciplinary proceedings and temporarily has removed him from the first team trainings.

12 May 2022

Punished teams because of others

On 02 May the world football organization has issued plenty of penalties concerning teams from three confederations that played their qualifying duels for World Cup 2022.
The harshest financial fines were issued on the African continent. Senegal had to deliver 175.000 Swiss francs (170.429 euros) because at 29 March when they got entertained by Egypt in the stadium was poor security overall plus their supporters during the match throwed objects, shown fireworks performance, used lasers, had a forbidden banner and invaded the terrain after it was all finished. Nigerian fans were accused of throwing various objects and invasion for which the federation paid 150.000 Swiss francs (146.082 euros), and all that happened on 29 March against Ghana. Four nights earlier Democratic Republic of Congo and Morocco played in the first leg of their play-off game which was organized very poor, thus the home team were fined 120.000 Swiss francs (116.866 euros).
In Asia Lebanon - Syria duel that was held on 24 March had a delay of 15 minutes in the second half. Because the result ended 0:3, the reason of this penalty for Lebanon is wide known: crowd disturbances and throwing different objects on the pitch. With one match without supporters at home, the association was also punished with 100.000 Swiss francs (97.393 euros).
At South America the fine was mainly for discrimination purposes. Behaviour of the fans costed: Chile to pay 95.000 Swiss francs (92.523 euros), and 55.000 Swiss francs (53.566 euros) fine was for Colombia.

11 May 2022

J group had been assigned another place to play

On 24 February the host was confirmed, at 25 April the decision were withdrawn, while 10 days later it was replaced with a new one.
First the Asian football confederation has announced that Tainan city in Chinese Taipei was selected to welcome the three teams that supposed to compete at the last, tenth group of the Afc Cup. Because in the meantime the epidemic cases in the town was increasing, the club with the identical name had no other choice but to forcefully give up the rights. Now each of the four clubs would have a new destination who will be situated in Buriram, Thailand. Interesting detail is that this is the only group who do not have a host (whilst all the previous nine have one) in the competition.
According to the schedule duels in J would be held from 24 until 30 June.

10 May 2022

Winners of continental championships who will battle on media

In summer of 2021 there were two regional championships that were played almost at the same time. Less than one year later, those winners are going to meet each other just to see who is the better team.
On 01 June from 20.45 CET the champions of Europe would play the Copa America counterparts or in other words Italy and Argentina will entertain one another. And only for the South American continent four days ago it was revealed that the rights to show this mega-match have acquired Espn together with the video streaming service Star+.

09 May 2022

Not allowed to compete on a fair-play basis

Unfortunately, Russian clubs and teams are barred to take part on European soil until 2023. This news was revealed on 02 May by the football confederation, who also added that, if the suspension in the mean time is lifted, then they would revise their decision.
Clubs from this country are going to be absent from all three international Cups (Champions league, Europa league and Conference league) for next season (2022-23). On a team level are already being disqualified from the Nations league, where they supposed to appear in league B, group 2 from this June. As a result of this ban, the nation has automatically dropped on fourth place which means that are transferred playing into league C for 2024-25 season.
But in the meantime things can drastically change. After hearing this punishment and whose players can not participate fairly on the terrain, the Russian football union may (easily) say goodbye to Europe and join the Asian region (this is only a report, speculation, and thus it has not been confirmed yet).

Please note: Because everyone knows of why the above penalty exist and was being made with help of political reasons / pressure, it will not be discussed here. So, that part is deliberately off from this story.

08 May 2022

Referee under attack

The following story comes from Africa and it is very rare in football.
On 25 April Renaissance sportive de Berkane and Al Masry played their second leg of the quarter-finals from the Confederation Cup. During the whole game the home players (who won at the end and qualified for next stage) were acting like little kids because in it had constant lengthy stoppages for injuries angering like that their opponents who realized that they deliberate are wasting time. However, the major incident happened in the finish when the Tunisian official (in black) Sadiq al Salmi showed couple of red cards, and then a technical staff member from Al Masry punched and kicked him...

07 May 2022

Because of reconstruction forced to play elsewhere

At least for one football calendar year (2023-24 season) Barcelona would play their official matches on another arena. On 28 April the agreement of this temporarily shift was signed by the club and city authorities.
Working activities at Camp nou is going to start this summer, so the attendance in the stadium has to be reduced. However, as the main labour have to commence next summer where some demolition will occur, all duels are going to be transferred at Montjuic. Likewise, this is also called an Olympic stadium because of the summer Olympic games that were held there in 1992.

06 May 2022

Zero means joy by the guests

Europa league 2021-22 season, knockout phase 4 (last 4), leg 2:

Glasgow rangers - Rasenballsport Leipzig 3:1

Scorers: 1:0 18 (17.54) James Tavernier
               2:0 24 (23.36) Glen Kamara
               2:1 70 (69.55) Christopher Nkunku
               3:1 80 (79.58) John Lundstram

Additional information 1: Glasgow rangers achieved an aggregate victory of 3:2 and thus have qualified for the following round.

Conference league 2021-22 season, knockout stage 4 (last 4), leg 2:

Olympique de Marseille - Feyenoord 0:0

Additional information 2: with 2:3 overall win the visitors has entered into the next stage.

Champion number one who qualified for an uncertain club international event

Yesterday night local time Seattle sounders became the first champion from North, Central America and Caribbean region to have qualified for the Club World Cup competition. A tournament which was once staged at the end of each year, than came the pandemic situation which caused a real havoc in it, while nowadays we still do not know if it will continue to be played in its old format or new one.
Under the old means that Champions league winners from all six confederations together with the host club can determine who is the global champion. However, the world football organization wants to completely destroy this event where 24 teams were announced to participate. Thankfully, this plan was slowed down by the disease that is troubling the world at the moment. So far there is no official confirmation about the 2022 competition where for sure this tournament is not going to be played, so it would have to be moved again somewhere for the next year.

05 May 2022

On miraculous way Spanish club passed through to next phase

Champions league 2021-22 season, knockout round 3 - last 4, leg 2:

Real Madrid - Manchester city 2:1, 3:1 after additional 30 minutes

Scorers: 0:1 73 (72.34) Riyad Mahrez
               1:1 90 (89.22) Rodrygo Goes
               2:1 90+1 (90.51) Rodrygo Goes
               3:1 94-pen (94.05) Karim Benzema

Additional information: the home team has qualified for the last match that is going to be played at the end of May. Just 89 incredible seconds was enough to turnaround and level this leg to 5:5, and in the fourth minute of extra time a converted 11 metre punishment sends them to participate in the final.

04 May 2022

Visitors have entered in last game of season

Champions league 2021-22 season, knockout round 3 - last 4, leg 2:

Villarreal - Liverpool 2:3

Scorers: 1:0 03 (02.53) Boulaye Dia
               2:0 40 (40.03) Francis Coquelin
               2:1 61 (61.08) Fabio Tavares
               2:2 67 (66.37) Luis Diaz
               2:3 74 (73.55) Sadio Mane

- On 85 (85.07) the home midfielder Etienne Capoue received his second yellow card.

Additional information: with a 2:5 overall victory Liverpool has qualified into the final of the competition.

03 May 2022

League without a winner

Due to the state of emergency the Ukrainian Premier league will not announce a champion for 2021-22 season. With unanimous decision, all 16 clubs six nights ago have agreed to completely abandon the top championship for this football calendar year.
Last games in the league were played on December 2021 when the teams were send on a winter break (on three months), but from 24 February came the unexpected war situation against Russia (which is currently still ongoing). Official standings are going to be used from that period, and will impose whose clubs would represent the country in the international European competitions for next season. Therefore: in first place was Shakhtar Donetsk (play-off round) who together with second Dynamo Kyiv (second qualifying round) would compete at Champions league / club that occupied third spot Dnipro-1 is going to appear in play-off phase of Europa league / while the Conference league awaits fourth placed Zorya (third qualifying stage) and Vorskla on fifth spot who goes to participate from second qualifying round.

02 May 2022

Fighting for three finals

The schedule says that in the first full week of the new month the last six clubs of the three competitions would be known. Fierce showdown is expected in the following six duels, and the prize will be - playing in the finals for 2021-22 season. As next pairs are second legs, the possibility of prolonging duels may be very high.

Champions league...
Tuesday, 03 May at 21.00 CET: Villarreal - Liverpool.

Wednesday, 04 May at 21.00 CET: Real Madrid - Manchester city.

...Europa league...
Thursday, 05 May at 21.00 CETEintracht Frankfurt - West ham.
Thursday, 05 May at 21.00 CET: Glasgow rangers - Rasenballsport Leipzig.

... and Conference league.
Thursday, 05 May at 21.00 CETOlympique de Marseille - Feyenoord.
Thursday, 05 May at 21.00 CET: Roma - Leicester.

01 May 2022

Women club surpassed their own record

A world attendance record had been set on 30 March from the Barcelona female club at the Champions league, and now the same team in the identical tournament has even increased it by 95 people more.
On the mentioned date, official fans in the quarter final stage, second leg against Real Madrid was 91.553. However, this digit got higher as (of course) its round as well: on the first leg of the semifinal encounter against Wolfsburg on 22 April in the Camp nou arena was present 91.648 spectators, which is the biggest in women football.

Dates of intercontinental plays

In April were familiar when the inter-confederation play-off matches are going to be played this summer for the World Cup competition which is towards the end of the year. From earlier it was known that both of them are going to be staged in Qatar and in 90 minutes only (or more).
The Asian fourth round winner (either United Arab Emirates or Australia) on 07 June would decide the continental representative of whom will meet Peru, the South American team that in the table has finished in fifth place. At the beginning of the month was revealed that these two are going to clash each other at 13 June where the penultimate traveler would appear. In the capital Doha this duel is going to kick-off at night (21.00 local time) so that all participants would not feel the consequences of the heatwave.
Just 24 hours later, and almost certain that will start the same, the Oceania champion is going to meet the team that was fourth in the table of North, Central America and Caribbean octagonal competition. On 20 April the New Zealand football association has announced that its team would play Costa Rica. Whoever wins this duel, it would be the last team that will reach the World Cup 2022 tournament.