27 May 2022

Sanctions remained - countries disqualified

Before the elimination games will begin from 01 June for the following edition of the African Cup of nations, from last week the African confederation have punished three countries.
Last Monday it was penalized the football federation of Sao Tome e principe. The team played the preliminary duel against Mauritius on 24 March. However, a real mess have caused one footballer of the team when it failed to submit an obligatory test for the pandemic 48 hours before the match started. Because he participated in the mentioned game the visitors have been awarded with a win (0:3) plus the federation had to pay 9.607 euros financial fine.
Kenya and Zimbabwe did not solve their suspension in time (with the world football organization) so they are both eliminated from the qualifiers for the 2023 tournament. As both countries have needed the green light two weeks before the qualifiers commences, political interference in their own association prevented them to compete. Therefore from 23 May it was decided that: C and K groups are going to continue with three teams, new schedule had to be made and two teams will still travel to the finals in Ivory coast next year (which means that only one would be eliminated from both groups).


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