25 May 2022

Information about last matches

In a space of 72 hours, two European club finals are going to occur and like that will close the 2021-22 international season.
Albania on Wednesday, 25 May is going to have the honor of staging a significant tournament for the first time on its soil. Even though the Conference league is tertiary club competition of the continent the government have thought this is a very serious event and because of it has announced this date to be a public holiday. Its capital, where the match would be played, Tirana is going to be transformed whole into a walking zone where, according to the media, 100.000 spectators from both teams are expected to be present.
Just three nights later Champions league is in turn with its last game and ending of the campaign. Today the publisher of the ball, which footballers will torment the whole time, Adidas has revealed that has engraved the word "Peace" written in cyrillic and latin letters. Limited number of ball editions would be up for auction where the earnings is going to be dedicated to the refugees of Ukraine.

Please note: about the last two sentences of this text, of why this is happening, will not be discussed here.


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