01 May 2022

Dates of intercontinental plays

In April were familiar when the inter-confederation play-off matches are going to be played this summer for the World Cup competition which is towards the end of the year. From earlier it was known that both of them are going to be staged in Qatar and in 90 minutes only (or more).
The Asian fourth round winner (either United Arab Emirates or Australia) on 07 June would decide the continental representative of whom will meet Peru, the South American team that in the table has finished in fifth place. At the beginning of the month was revealed that these two are going to clash each other at 13 June where the penultimate traveler would appear. In the capital Doha this duel is going to kick-off at night (21.00 local time) so that all participants would not feel the consequences of the heatwave.
Just 24 hours later, and almost certain that will start the same, the Oceania champion is going to meet the team that was fourth in the table of North, Central America and Caribbean octagonal competition. On 20 April the New Zealand football association has announced that its team would play Costa Rica. Whoever wins this duel, it would be the last team that will reach the World Cup 2022 tournament.


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