28 May 2022

Brothers with guns

In October 2011 four brothers were having (plenty of) fun in discotheque at Nancy. Everything went smoothly, lots of alcohol was consumed, and the trouble began when they got drunk on the prohibited place: on the dance floor. Security came to throw them out, three got shot and injured, so they went to prison for participating in the fight... All these might seems to you as a short explanation from a western movie - but, in fact, it is a reality.
On 16 May 2022 the French court have send all siblings behind bars: Fabrice, Giovan and Jimmy. However, the fourth one which is missing is a little bit famous than the other three. Former French international Tony Vairelles is sentenced five years in prison, of whom two suspended, for armed assault.
Lawyers of the quartet wanted this case to be thrown out as it was dragged way too long, four judges have been replaced in the process...but to no avail: this trick did not succeed and at the end justice was done.


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