17 May 2022

Need to relocate a whole event

On 04 June 2019 People's Republic of China have been named to welcome the Asian Cup 2023 competition on its soil for the second time. After this date lots of efforts has been put in organizing the event: improving infrastructures, reconstruction and building of new stadia, the logo was revealed and everything was telling that these preparations would finish smoothly and that the nation will show this championship in great image. But at 14 May 2022 the following news was announced which came as a shock to everyone (within the region and beyond).
The third largest country in the world has relinquished its rights to host the tournament just 13 months before the start. Main reason of why this was done is the epidemic situation: since the beginning (December 2019), the disease had return (in these parts) and recently one of the two biggest cities were under lockdown (first Shanghai, then Beijing), so there was no other option but to say "thank you" to the confederation.
Now the Asian organization is trying to find a fresh host. While some are speculating that the old dates would be kept (16 June - 16 July), others are saying that the event is going to be transferred to January - February period of 2024...and still these facts are not confirmed yet. However, one thing is for sure: the 24 teams will fly to a new, unknown destination for edition number 18.


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