14 May 2022

In danger of losing a World Cup spot

Since 08 October 2020 and for 17 long, other nights at the end Ecuador has finished right in the last (fourth) place at the South American qualifying table that directly goes at the World Cup 2022. Literally at the final duel all players were overenjoyed, for their country is going to be seen at such popular event, but that happiness could easily be jeopardized for one small (and probably costly) mistake.
And that error is called Byron Castillo who was not born in 1998 at Ecuador (as official records are stating), but instead the defender came into this world at Colombia in 1995. This information was revealed by Chile (who currently is seventh) last Wednesday asking the world football organization to check if this is true. Disciplinary proceedings has been opened two days ago for fielding an ineligible player and (alleged) falsifying documents.
When Ecuador and Chile met at the elimination process, Ecuador won four points from these encounters, however, if the above tip off is correct, this nation may lose both games (because the footballer have played in them). In that case Chile would jump to fourth place (who is going to have a big smile) and will fly directly to the tournament. Meanwhile, the Peru position is going to be unchanged, so they still have to play an intercontinental match.
An exactly identical scenario as the upper one was the qualifiers that happened in September 2016 (for World Cup 2018) when Bolivia was the guilty party (and later fined), thus points were awarded to Peru and Chile after Nelson Cabrera did not have rights to participate in those two matches.


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