02 May 2022

Fighting for three finals

The schedule says that in the first full week of the new month the last six clubs of the three competitions would be known. Fierce showdown is expected in the following six duels, and the prize will be - playing in the finals for 2021-22 season. As next pairs are second legs, the possibility of prolonging duels may be very high.

Champions league...
Tuesday, 03 May at 21.00 CET: Villarreal - Liverpool.

Wednesday, 04 May at 21.00 CET: Real Madrid - Manchester city.

...Europa league...
Thursday, 05 May at 21.00 CETEintracht Frankfurt - West ham.
Thursday, 05 May at 21.00 CET: Glasgow rangers - Rasenballsport Leipzig.

... and Conference league.
Thursday, 05 May at 21.00 CETOlympique de Marseille - Feyenoord.
Thursday, 05 May at 21.00 CET: Roma - Leicester.


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