11 May 2022

J group had been assigned another place to play

On 24 February the host was confirmed, at 25 April the decision were withdrawn, while 10 days later it was replaced with a new one.
First the Asian football confederation has announced that Tainan city in Chinese Taipei was selected to welcome the three teams that supposed to compete at the last, tenth group of the Afc Cup. Because in the meantime the epidemic cases in the town was increasing, the club with the identical name had no other choice but to forcefully give up the rights. Now each of the four clubs would have a new destination who will be situated in Buriram, Thailand. Interesting detail is that this is the only group who do not have a host (whilst all the previous nine have one) in the competition.
According to the schedule duels in J would be held from 24 until 30 June.


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