24 May 2022

Judges that will appear on major football event

Until the World Cup 2022 there are 6 more months left, and on 19 May was revealed one more information about it.
The world football organization has released a list (which everyone can download) of 129 names that are going to be a part of the event as 'men in blue'. Divided of their knowledge in it are: 24 who will be locked in a room and observe if there are any irregularities seeking with the help of the little monitors, 36 people that would run inside the pitch or along with the players, plus 69 who would be deployed near the lines.
Because in every competition has to happen something for the first time, here is no exception so therefore: out from these numbers 6 female referees are going to appear of which 3 are main and the other 3 assistant ones.


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