09 May 2022

Not allowed to compete on a fair-play basis

Unfortunately, Russian clubs and teams are barred to take part on European soil until 2023. This news was revealed on 02 May by the football confederation, who also added that, if the suspension in the mean time is lifted, then they would revise their decision.
Clubs from this country are going to be absent from all three international Cups (Champions league, Europa league and Conference league) for next season (2022-23). On a team level are already being disqualified from the Nations league, where they supposed to appear in league B, group 2 from this June. As a result of this ban, the nation has automatically dropped on fourth place which means that are transferred playing into league C for 2024-25 season.
But in the meantime things can drastically change. After hearing this punishment and whose players can not participate fairly on the terrain, the Russian football union may (easily) say goodbye to Europe and join the Asian region (this is only a report, speculation, and thus it has not been confirmed yet).

Please note: Because everyone knows of why the above penalty exist and was being made with help of political reasons / pressure, it will not be discussed here. So, that part is deliberately off from this story.


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