30 June 2020

Virus has delayed a formal event

As the situation with the virus at the North American continent is still a little bit risky to continue playing, countries throughout the region rarely do not engage to that move. Those who do, have to follow strict rules for everything to be in order and protect the health of all participants. But main competition(s), such as the Scotiabank Concacaf league, sadly, did not acquire green light from the authorities to commence plays for 2020, thus last Tuesday it was officially postponed to a indefinite time who was scheduled to kick-off in less than a month (28 July) with its fourth edition.

29 June 2020

Player fooled himself: instead of receiving money now he has to give

Neymar (desperately) wanted (and sued) his ex club Barcelona to pay 43.6 million euros in a name on various bonuses, but that was overturned now, when last Friday lost a legal battle and was ordered to give the team 6.7 million euros.
At 2013 he came in Spain, but this story unfolded itself and slowly started in 2016 when the Brazilian extended the contract with Barcelona for five more years. In that agreement was included different bonuses of 43.6 million where the club paid in advance 14 million euros. Twenty nine million remained to be transferred onto the account until 01 August 2017, however two days later he left them and joined French champions PSG. According to the Spanish club, this was a pure violation of contract, refused to pay the rest, wanted to return the upfront payout as well, even damages were demanded of 8.5 million euros, where at the end they won the case and received the smaller amount written above.

28 June 2020

Latest club who do not adhere to an important rule

Olympique de Marseille is the latest team who is facing a fine over financial fair-play, is very fortunate plus avoids to be thrown out from the international league events. In exchange to it, three punishments were announced last Friday: the club has to pay three million euros for a settlement who failed to meet in June 2019 ; for the next two seasons (2020-21 and 2021-22), the European football organization can retain 15 percent of the sum (money which are usually giving to each team for participation) ; and instead of 25 only 23 players can be registered in 2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23 seasons for both tournaments.
On a related news about this rule, nine days ago the same affiliation have done some changes due to the current crisis with the virus. From now on it will be lenient and little bit eased (to some extent): 2020 and 2021 are going to be looked as one (which will be evaluated next year), the monitoring period for 2020-21 are going to include 2018 and 2019, while for 2021-22 will be covered four financial years - 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

27 June 2020

Boosting viewership after return

One of the best league in Europe has achieved some stunning numbers on international and domestic level since its return from the forced break at 11 June. All of the research was performed by the analytic company Nielsen sports seven days later.
Because people around the world missed football very much for a long time (not to say each one of us is addicted to it) television viewers in the African region have set a record by just watching the first matches of LaLiga where the number has jumped to 73 percent. Here an absolute leader was South Africa with an incredible 210 percent rise. Asia also increased its audiences thanks to India where 72 percent have watched the championship games through social media. The old continent experienced a rise of 56 percent, whither 130 percent was only in Belgium, while Spain had a jump of 12 percent.
Globally watching this league have been increased by 48 percent more than before the suspension. Most watched top three duels were: Real Madrid - Eibar, Barcelona - Real Mallorca and Sevilla - Real Betis.

26 June 2020

Small against big

In other words, the above title should be like a little kid goes who goes against one of the parent or in short (s)he rebels which at the end did not succeed.
This story started last Thursday, where Colombia was one of the three (which later was reduced to two) candidate countries to host the World Cup 2023 for women. Because the South American confederation stood behind its member state just to win the rights, the two of them attacked and blamed the world football organization of 'erroneous and discriminatory conclusion'. Out of the negative remarks that was mentioned inside the report was about the 'medical service, doping and commercial aspects of the bid', plus the terrorism issue got also written.
Meanwhile from the Asian side, the region has dropped the support of Japan and in the beginning of the week has approved the joint bid of Australia and New Zealand where today was confirmed as winners of staging the event in three years time.

25 June 2020

In a slightly altered way dates revealed for starting new season

Because the old is still in the 'middle of play' and is going to complete in August, the new season is therefore moved, so both European international club competitions will start at the same month with its elimination matches. Seven days ago the confederation have confirmed the new calendar for 2020-21, where usually every June are the commencing kick-off for the next season.
Out of the two tournaments Champions league will start first, with the preliminary round on 08 and 11 August. First qualifying round is scheduled for 18 and 19 (during these dates it is going to collide with the 'final 8' of the old 2019-20 season), 25 and 26 is the second, who together with the third qualifying round on 15 and 16 September all duels are going to be played in 90 minutes only (there will be one match instead of two). The last, fourth (or play-off) qualifying round is scheduled to be staged over two legs: 22 and 23 together with 29 and 30 September. Group stages are going to be from 20 October until 09 December. At 2021 are three knockout phases, while the final will be on 29 May of the same year at the largest town in Turkey Istanbul.
In the most amusing competition each of the four qualifying rounds plus the preliminary is going to be decided on one game: the first two are at 20 and 27 August, whilst the last three elimination stages will be on 17 and 24 September together with 01 October. Of 22 October as far as 10 December are the group stages, and four knockout rounds are scheduled for next year. Polish city of Gdansk is going to finish the Europa league tournament with the last game on 26 May 2021.

24 June 2020

Without an annual ceremony

The Asian continent usually is the first which is declaring who is the best footballer for every current year, but sadly in 2020 that will not happen. Six days ago it is confirmed that the ceremony is definitely canceled which supposed to be staged in December at the Qatar capital Doha. A rightful decision was made, and the reason is very much obvious of why the whole thing was called off, while the main one relates due to respect towards all the victims of the region from the epidemic because that way would be inappropriate to announce the winners.

23 June 2020

European international club events with new system ending

Both the European Cups (leagues) are way behind the schedule, and just to quicker the proceedings, the confederation has found out a new solution of how to end and salvage the current 2019-20 season. Instead of one final duel played in a single town at Istanbul (Turkey) and Gdansk (Poland) five days ago, it was confirmed a new system called 'Final 8'.
Four matches still have to complete the round of 16 scheduled for 07 and 08 August. Those four overall winners together with the four already qualified for last 8 phase in the Champions league are going to compete at the Portuguese capital Lisbon from 12 until 23 August: everything has to start with quarterfinal games who will be played of 12 until 15, 18 and 19 are semifinal duels, while the last is going to be staged on 23. Couple of stadia is going to welcome the best eight clubs: Estadio do sport Lisboa e Benfica (formerly known as Estadio da luz) and Estadio Jose Alvalade.
Germany in a similar way is going to host the most interesting tournament out of the two. Europa league is going to be played in four cities: Cologne, Duisburg, Dusseldorf and Gelsenkirchen of 10 as far as 21 August. However, the round of 16 matches are going to begin on 05 and 06 August with the second 90 minutes.
Draws for each of the penultimate two phases (quarterfinals and semifinals) will occur on 10 July. After these two stages are finished another draw is going to be made, just to see which team will 'pose as a host' in the last game.

22 June 2020

Two halves separately finished after 178 nights

This sport is known (together with many other) that has to be completed in 90 minutes or over (from beginning to the end), but the next story is very rare indeed when one match played its both halves after (to be exact) 178 nights.
We have to go back on 15 December 2019 where Rayo vallecano and Albacete entertained us from the Segunda division (second league) in Spain. Then nobody have thought that part one of this saga duel would just end on this date, when Roman Zozulya was being accused as a Nazi player from the home spectators where they insulted the Ukrainian striker, and also, it was the first time in the country that a duel was suspended due to inappropriate behavior. As the incident happened towards the closing stages of the first half, the visitors refused to carry on with the game. In the meantime the epidemic came into the European continent, and practically, everything was on hold until last Wednesday. Part number two continued on 10 June 2020 with only the second 45 minutes on schedule, definitely making it the longest delayed match played in the history of football.

21 June 2020

Unexpected result at a top division

Weekend has already started, various results has been achieved, and from all only one became little peculiar. The next story is very rare where tells that a 10:1 score can occur in this sport and on top of that in the first league while the reason behind it lands on a real trouble of what the whole world is facing at the moment.
Exactly this kind of heavy defeat yesterday night experienced Rostov on the return of the Russian Premier league at Sochi after three months. Basically, the problem for the visitors started 24 hours earlier before the duel where six players were on suspicion that got infected with the virus, so the whole team had to be placed under quarantine. As both teams have to agree for the match to be called off, the home one has rejected that option from the football union. With no other choice, Rostov had to appear as scheduled playing the whole duel with youngsters who even scored the first goal after 48 seconds, however then came the flood and humiliation...

20 June 2020

Champion from the newly competition travels to another - major one

On the North American continent there will be new event played called MLS [Major league soccer (football)] is back, from 08 July until 11 August. Clubs from Canada and United States of America are going to participate in this competition, who basically means that the local league (slowly) is returning to action from the ongoing virus (which is causing a real mess throughout the region). No matter who will be the winning team (from either of the above two countries), the confederation already decided last Wednesday that is going to take part at the Scotiabank Concacaf Champions league 2021 edition. This change will be in effect for only one year until everything is stabilized.

19 June 2020

Larceny on street turned to happy ending

While he was in his car last Tuesday night, Samuel Castillejo for a moment found himself at a gunpoint by two young men on motorcycle in the city of Milan (Italy). During the process the 25-year-old striker who plays for the same club lost his 80.000 euros luxury watch. It looked like the separation was only briefly, because his item has been returned, while the two 'smart guys' were captured thanks to the quick reaction of the police.

18 June 2020

Agreement signed to show main Asian competitions

In Asia three digital operators have undersigned a deal to transmit quality football of the continent for the same period. After MNC (Indonesia) in October 2019, CJ ENM (South Korea) at January, Elta (Chinese Taipei) from 10 June has joined the trio of television networks where local viewers can enjoy watching top events of this sport thanks to the marketing agency DDMC Fortis in contract which, in each three states, is going to be valid from 2021 up to 2024.
On an exclusive basis the media provider will broadcast the following: Asian World Cup qualifiers - final round for 2022, AFC Champions league and AFC Cup, Asian Cup 2023 together with the finals of under-23 championship at 2022 and 2024. Despite showing all duels from the national team, the network also acquired rights to show other matches through its Media on demand (MoD) and Internet protocol television (IPtv) platforms.

17 June 2020

Xenophobic footballer

We are often seeing how spectators are tormenting with racist commentaries and chants towards players from the stands, however this time is the other way around.
In a really dumb and bounder move plus the immature behavior of Bamidele Alli (or for the wide public Dele Alli) costed him a suspension of only one game together with 50.000 pounds (56.115 euros) financial fine. And, if anyone wanted to be honest (and everyone confirmed it) the punishment had to be far more worse for the 24-year-old after making prejudiced remarks on an Asian passenger at Heathrow airport. On 06 February he uploaded a video on social media how ridicules an abroad traveler just because the man got infected with the virus. The clip was quickly erased, the midfielder even had time to apologize twice (on Chinese and English), but at the end we all know what happens next: the case was investigated from the English association who characterized it as an 'unacceptable racist stereotype' last Thursday and that the 'ethnicity was irrelevant' as a defensive words from this 'very smart footballer'.

16 June 2020

Various achievements recorded from couple of leagues

At 13 June two records were accomplished in various states. Those are not connected with one another which at the same time are divided in negative and positive side.
Recently we had the youngest scorer, while now there is a player who is addicted of receiving plenty of warnings during games, and all this happened in the same league. Klaus Gjasula received his yellow card number 17 this season when his Paderborn 07 played with Werder Bremen. Therefore the 30-year-old midfielder is an absolute recorder for his fouls, and what is more worse, he has a 'chance' to improve it even further: as only three rounds remains until the end of the German championship.
On the Apennine peninsula a completely different situation. The first match ever (after the terrible situation in the world at the moment) after March, the football in Italy started with the Cup duel between Juventus and Milan. It was watched by 8.3 million viewers on the state television network RAI 1, beating the previous record when the national team played against Bosnia and Herzegovina (for the European qualifiers in November 2019), where 7.4 million people were glued to the television device.

15 June 2020

Buying more than earned

In a violation on the financial fair-play rule, Trabzonspor is expelled from the international club competitions of one year. Last Wednesday the European football organization decided to throw out the team who did not 'meet the target for the 2019 financial year'. The trading officers previously have send a warning that they could be ejected, who were ignored at the end. So, if the Turkish club qualifies for both tournaments it will forbidden to participate for this (2020-21) or the following (2021-22) season.
Day later, the team has determined to appeal the ban at the highest sporting court (Court of arbitration for sports).

14 June 2020

Player has broken record which lasted 15 years

Seven days ago the German championship has entered new chapter. With 17 years and 34 days Florian Wirtz became the youngest scorer in Bundesliga. The Bayer Leverkusen midfielder has beaten another that plays in the same position Nuri Sahin, when then the Borussia Dortmund player had 17 years and 82 days in November 2005.

13 June 2020

Stadium number three will be completed for major tournament

Qualifying matches for the World Cup are little bit behind schedule, but nevertheless the host for this event is preparing at full speed.
On 15 June Qatar is going to mark its third stadium for the event, as finished. After the upgrade of Khalifa international in 2017 and Al Janoub two years later, at 2020 comes the conclusion of Education city venue. Situated in the city Al Rayyan, this arena have air conditioned system (so that everyone inside can breath easily during the heat) and will have 45.350 seats. Because the current virus problem has done its part throughout the world, the very first official game must wait for one full month: is scheduled to be staged on 24 July which is going to be from the local championship (Qatar Stars league).
Out of the eight in total, five more stadia have to be opened for the competition: four of them are still being in construction (Al Bayt, Al Thumama, Lusail, Ras Abu Aboud), while the last (Al Rayyan) awaits expansion. 'We have completed more than 80 percent of venues two and a half years before kick-off', said Hassan al-Thawadi, general secretary of the Supreme committee for delivery and legacy.

12 June 2020

More pleasing is to give money than go to prison

As every footballer has done the same thing in the past, so did Diego Costa who admitted everything about the tax fraud. In his first attempt of deceiving, it came to an agreement with the Spanish authorities seven days ago, of paying 543.208 euros instead of serving six months in jail. Divided in two parts, the main penalty consists of: the prison sentence is equal to a financial fine of 36.000 euros plus 507.208 euros as a result of an avoided tax evasion issue.
In August 2019 the 31-year-old paid 1.14 million euros, where this payment eased the deal with the governmental officials for the above case.

11 June 2020

Joint qualifying events have new dates

Due to the well known situation in the world, couple of qualifying events had to reschedule its matches, which supposed to take place at the end of March and in the beginning of June. Therefore five days ago new dates were confirmed on the Asian continent, so that the World Cup 2022 together with Asian Cup 2023 qualifiers would continue to entertain us with its thrilling duels.
Four stages remained to be played from the second round, those will be staged in the second part of 2020 where also are going to be equally divided on two months. Phase seven will be back on 08 October, while five days later stage eight will commence. Games from the penultimate phase nine will be played on 12 November, whilst 17 November are considered to be the last stage from round two.
Round three from both events is expected to begin in March 2021.

10 June 2020

What is the difference of being smart and 'extremely smart'?

Without wearing protective masks, Jadon Sancho and Manuel Akanji have being financially penalized from the German football league for violating social rules. One local newspaper revealed the whole thing where the Borussia Dortmund duo were fined last Friday, while the amount was not specified. This story would not known have being known in public until the two 'smart guys' posted pictures on social media together with the hairdresser where, of course, distancing measures were breached. In addition, this may sound like an 'absolute joke' to the first footballer, but the rules apply to everyone in the league for not respecting security protocols, whither obviously, it has not been embedded in his head yet.
Meanwhile from the same club four other footballers (Axel Witsel, Dan-Axel Zagadou, Raphael Guerreiro, Thorgan Hazard) also had a new hairstyle, but without evidence of where and when nothing can be done.

09 June 2020

Racist commentaries from a third party

The next story shows how a professional player can be fired in a millisecond although he did not do anything wrong, where at the same time also tells what happens when someone else is meddling with something it should not say, and therefore the (poor) footballer lost his job immediately. Of that 'someone else' it means is none other than - his wife.
Nasty, dumbest, disgusting, not worth to read racist and violent commentaries wrote Tea Katai on social media about the black community in United States of America. Her exact written words will not be mentioned here, as they are way too filthy even to exist in quotation mark on this site. As the error was clearly seen they were instantly erased, but it was way too late as the trace remained, where at the end her husband had to take the blame for it who also apologized for the abusive words. Thus after reading it the whole thing, three days ago the Los Angeles galaxy officials terminated the contract with the midfielder Aleksandar Katai.

08 June 2020

Only one can survive - while the other has to be 'sacrificed'

Due to the epidemic issues, the government in Holland have determined to forbidden football activities until September and without any other option, at the end of April the local association terminated the league for this season. The five travelers that will represent the country at the international league events for 2020-21 have been revealed (two clubs from the first and three for the second), and now slowly the trouble can begin.
As it stands in the current rankings, Netherlands have two spots for the (non interested) Champions league: one direct (where Ajax have been chosen to compete in the group stage), while the other team have to torture themselves through qualifiers (this place belongs to AZ). Last Tuesday, the club from Alkmaar notified the European organization to suspend this decision, where they believe have every right to be direct group phase participants after beating their opponents from the capital twice in the regular part of the season and both had equal points at the table, until the league got adjourned. Now, the goal difference is something else, and (maybe) unimportant in this case...

07 June 2020

Suspended official

For suspicion of molesting youth female players, on 26 May Yves Jean-Bart (also known as Dadou) was temporarily suspended from the world organization. The Ethical committee has completely removed from this sport the president of Haitian football federation for the next three months (90 days) adding that the dismissal might be prolonged. On the accusation of harassing girls at the training camp in the last five years, for which one even had forced abortion, the 72-year-old is denying everything.

06 June 2020

Greedy owner missed the opportunity to sell his club

We know how the current virus is causing a real mess throughout the world, and also it was an obstacle for another thing (among plenty of others).
James Pallotta 'desperately' wanted to sell Roma. The businessman found a buyer from October 2019, the talks went smoothly, while at the end the price became the problem...well, from the second try. From initial offer of 710 million euros at the beginning of the year, Friedkin group was certain that the takeover would be completed. However, then came the epidemic on stage, the amount was reduced to 475 million euros, and everything failed. One of the main reason for this move was that the club reported a significant loss in the last year. So five days ago local media has officially announced that the old proprietor will remain in place who now is going to focus on its own football school.

05 June 2020

Terrible mistake was done due to a work out case

Maybe losing first place in the table and violating epidemic rules have nothing in common at football, but the key word that is missing from this sentence here is - punishment.
At 28 May LASK was criticized how their players trained as a team (all together) two weeks earlier, when it was only allowed to do the work out in small groups. The alleged video happened to see the disciplinary committee where it was delivered to them from their opponents, and therefore they were fined with 75.000 euros. Originally the club from Linz has been penalized with 12 points however that deduction was halved before the second part of the league which is divided on play-off and relegation matches. Until this error was done the team occupied top position but now has dropped to second prior to the continuation of the Austrian championship which started on 02 June.
Since then seven days have passed, and seven more are remaining for the team who said itself that is going to appeal the decision.

04 June 2020

Limited number of fans

Championships throughout the European region are slowly returning in action. Some countries have suspended their leagues ; most of them are re-starting this or next month ; few of them are filling their stadia with carton boxes, dolls, and other non living beings ; while the other few are playing for what this sport is all about with its special meaning - real spectators.
We already know that the epidemic is still causing chaos throughout the world, and in those territories where the virus is weak have decided to go one step further: loosening restrictions on its citizens. Governments at six countries allowed the fans to go back and cheer up their favorite clubs, but in limited amount.
Out of the two Balkan nations, Montenegro became the first on the continent who have no infected person. Their league has re-started on 30 May and in the stadia may enter restricted number of fans. Its neighbor Serbia began the championship on 29 May. But from 01 June it was decided that spectators can enter venues and be present of up to 1.000 with of course to have one meter free space between them. From last Wednesday night, officials in Hungary has allowed for the fans to be present on the arenas only which are without roof, have to respect social distancing of up to three empty seats on their championship who started two weeks ago. Venues in Sweden are going to be visited for up to 50 people, when their league is going to return at 14 June. The Scandinavian nation had to begin playing football first in the confederation at April, but that was delayed due to fears that large group of spectators could be gathered in front of restaurants and bars. Poland has decided to give privilege to the team of the home fans to first attend the plays where they will fill of up to 25 percent of the capacity of stadia. Football activities in this country returned 30 May. Russia is re-starting its league on 19 June. Health officials gave the green light for fans to return there where they belong, however only one rule has to be followed: capacity of arenas must be completed of up to 10 percent.

03 June 2020

Various African states and clubs received financial boost

Last Thursday the African football confederation decided to give financial injection so that associations can easily cope with the virus problem. Each 54 member nations received 182.054 euros or in total the region has divided 9.8 million euros.
At 16 May the same affiliation also helped the clubs who played at its two major international tournaments: CAF Champions league and Confederation Cup. On the account of every 32 were paid minimum 508.606 euros for the first and 254.303 euros for the second event, where the money for both have been delivered up to the quarterfinal stage when they were forcefully stopped. These prizes are usually handed over at the end of each competition, but 2019-20 season was an exception due to the well known problem.

02 June 2020

First team sport who will 'break the ice'

Due to the virus problem it looked like there will not be team sports on both American continents for quite some time, but this is going to refute the previous words where four days ago already came a confirmed tournament.
The epidemic situation unfortunately is still present in United States of America, however one event was looking for a less infected state which at the end was successfully found. By this time it is agreed that the national women soccer (football) league is going to begin first after it was forcefully stopped.
Nine clubs will participate at the NWSL Challenge Cup from 27 June until 26 July in Utah. Out of 25 games which are scheduled to be played: 22 are going to be staged in Herriman, while (the last three) semifinals and final will be in Salt Lake city ; without spectators ; but luckily all duels are going to broadcast live on television. Just for precaution and for this project to succeed, each team have to follow strict rules: are going to be put in special village, players isolated from the outside world and also going to be tested and watched closely throughout the whole one-month competition.

01 June 2020

Enough for this season

One country each from North America and Asia, plus plenty of others on the African continent have decided to terminate their championships earlier than expected, with the well known reason.
Eight days ago Mexico have called off the 2019-20 season. Liga MX (Primera division) was definitely abandoned after Santos Laguna reported 8 players which were positive with the virus although they did not showed any symptoms, so it was impossible for the whole championship to resume. No champion will be announced.
Meanwhile Lebanon has done the same thing past Thursday, after failing to acquire license from the health government officials.
Because it is impossible to play in current conditions, last month was cancelled even five leagues throughout another confederation: Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda and (being the latest from past Thursday) Togo have thought that football can not make any sense to continue this year. Winners has been announced to those teams who occupied first place before the break and are going to participate at the CAF Champions league, while the following clubs (based on classification from each country) are going to be present in the CAF Confederations Cup next year.