22 June 2020

Two halves separately finished after 178 nights

This sport is known (together with many other) that has to be completed in 90 minutes or over (from beginning to the end), but the next story is very rare indeed when one match played its both halves after (to be exact) 178 nights.
We have to go back on 15 December 2019 where Rayo vallecano and Albacete entertained us from the Segunda division (second league) in Spain. Then nobody have thought that part one of this saga duel would just end on this date, when Roman Zozulya was being accused as a Nazi player from the home spectators where they insulted the Ukrainian striker, and also, it was the first time in the country that a duel was suspended due to inappropriate behavior. As the incident happened towards the closing stages of the first half, the visitors refused to carry on with the game. In the meantime the epidemic came into the European continent, and practically, everything was on hold until last Wednesday. Part number two continued on 10 June 2020 with only the second 45 minutes on schedule, definitely making it the longest delayed match played in the history of football.


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