17 June 2020

Xenophobic footballer

We are often seeing how spectators are tormenting with racist commentaries and chants towards players from the stands, however this time is the other way around.
In a really dumb and bounder move plus the immature behavior of Bamidele Alli (or for the wide public Dele Alli) costed him a suspension of only one game together with 50.000 pounds (56.115 euros) financial fine. And, if anyone wanted to be honest (and everyone confirmed it) the punishment had to be far more worse for the 24-year-old after making prejudiced remarks on an Asian passenger at Heathrow airport. On 06 February he uploaded a video on social media how ridicules an abroad traveler just because the man got infected with the virus. The clip was quickly erased, the midfielder even had time to apologize twice (on Chinese and English), but at the end we all know what happens next: the case was investigated from the English association who characterized it as an 'unacceptable racist stereotype' last Thursday and that the 'ethnicity was irrelevant' as a defensive words from this 'very smart footballer'.


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