02 June 2020

First team sport who will 'break the ice'

Due to the virus problem it looked like there will not be team sports on both American continents for quite some time, but this is going to refute the previous words where four days ago already came a confirmed tournament.
The epidemic situation unfortunately is still present in United States of America, however one event was looking for a less infected state which at the end was successfully found. By this time it is agreed that the national women soccer (football) league is going to begin first after it was forcefully stopped.
Nine clubs will participate at the NWSL Challenge Cup from 27 June until 26 July in Utah. Out of 25 games which are scheduled to be played: 22 are going to be staged in Herriman, while (the last three) semifinals and final will be in Salt Lake city ; without spectators ; but luckily all duels are going to broadcast live on television. Just for precaution and for this project to succeed, each team have to follow strict rules: are going to be put in special village, players isolated from the outside world and also going to be tested and watched closely throughout the whole one-month competition.


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