29 June 2020

Player fooled himself: instead of receiving money now he has to give

Neymar (desperately) wanted (and sued) his ex club Barcelona to pay 43.6 million euros in a name on various bonuses, but that was overturned now, when last Friday lost a legal battle and was ordered to give the team 6.7 million euros.
At 2013 he came in Spain, but this story unfolded itself and slowly started in 2016 when the Brazilian extended the contract with Barcelona for five more years. In that agreement was included different bonuses of 43.6 million where the club paid in advance 14 million euros. Twenty nine million remained to be transferred onto the account until 01 August 2017, however two days later he left them and joined French champions PSG. According to the Spanish club, this was a pure violation of contract, refused to pay the rest, wanted to return the upfront payout as well, even damages were demanded of 8.5 million euros, where at the end they won the case and received the smaller amount written above.


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