09 June 2020

Racist commentaries from a third party

The next story shows how a professional player can be fired in a millisecond although he did not do anything wrong, where at the same time also tells what happens when someone else is meddling with something it should not say, and therefore the (poor) footballer lost his job immediately. Of that 'someone else' it means is none other than - his wife.
Nasty, dumbest, disgusting, not worth to read racist and violent commentaries wrote Tea Katai on social media about the black community in United States of America. Her exact written words will not be mentioned here, as they are way too filthy even to exist in quotation mark on this site. As the error was clearly seen they were instantly erased, but it was way too late as the trace remained, where at the end her husband had to take the blame for it who also apologized for the abusive words. Thus after reading it the whole thing, three days ago the Los Angeles galaxy officials terminated the contract with the midfielder Aleksandar Katai.


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