01 June 2020

Enough for this season

One country each from North America and Asia, plus plenty of others on the African continent have decided to terminate their championships earlier than expected, with the well known reason.
Eight days ago Mexico have called off the 2019-20 season. Liga MX (Primera division) was definitely abandoned after Santos Laguna reported 8 players which were positive with the virus although they did not showed any symptoms, so it was impossible for the whole championship to resume. No champion will be announced.
Meanwhile Lebanon has done the same thing past Thursday, after failing to acquire license from the health government officials.
Because it is impossible to play in current conditions, last month was cancelled even five leagues throughout another confederation: Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda and (being the latest from past Thursday) Togo have thought that football can not make any sense to continue this year. Winners has been announced to those teams who occupied first place before the break and are going to participate at the CAF Champions league, while the following clubs (based on classification from each country) are going to be present in the CAF Confederations Cup next year.


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