05 June 2020

Terrible mistake was done due to a work out case

Maybe losing first place in the table and violating epidemic rules have nothing in common at football, but the key word that is missing from this sentence here is - punishment.
At 28 May LASK was criticized how their players trained as a team (all together) two weeks earlier, when it was only allowed to do the work out in small groups. The alleged video happened to see the disciplinary committee where it was delivered to them from their opponents, and therefore they were fined with 75.000 euros. Originally the club from Linz has been penalized with 12 points however that deduction was halved before the second part of the league which is divided on play-off and relegation matches. Until this error was done the team occupied top position but now has dropped to second prior to the continuation of the Austrian championship which started on 02 June.
Since then seven days have passed, and seven more are remaining for the team who said itself that is going to appeal the decision.


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