21 June 2020

Unexpected result at a top division

Weekend has already started, various results has been achieved, and from all only one became little peculiar. The next story is very rare where tells that a 10:1 score can occur in this sport and on top of that in the first league while the reason behind it lands on a real trouble of what the whole world is facing at the moment.
Exactly this kind of heavy defeat yesterday night experienced Rostov on the return of the Russian Premier league at Sochi after three months. Basically, the problem for the visitors started 24 hours earlier before the duel where six players were on suspicion that got infected with the virus, so the whole team had to be placed under quarantine. As both teams have to agree for the match to be called off, the home one has rejected that option from the football union. With no other choice, Rostov had to appear as scheduled playing the whole duel with youngsters who even scored the first goal after 48 seconds, however then came the flood and humiliation...


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