04 June 2020

Limited number of fans

Championships throughout the European region are slowly returning in action. Some countries have suspended their leagues ; most of them are re-starting this or next month ; few of them are filling their stadia with carton boxes, dolls, and other non living beings ; while the other few are playing for what this sport is all about with its special meaning - real spectators.
We already know that the epidemic is still causing chaos throughout the world, and in those territories where the virus is weak have decided to go one step further: loosening restrictions on its citizens. Governments at six countries allowed the fans to go back and cheer up their favorite clubs, but in limited amount.
Out of the two Balkan nations, Montenegro became the first on the continent who have no infected person. Their league has re-started on 30 May and in the stadia may enter restricted number of fans. Its neighbor Serbia began the championship on 29 May. But from 01 June it was decided that spectators can enter venues and be present of up to 1.000 with of course to have one meter free space between them. From last Wednesday night, officials in Hungary has allowed for the fans to be present on the arenas only which are without roof, have to respect social distancing of up to three empty seats on their championship who started two weeks ago. Venues in Sweden are going to be visited for up to 50 people, when their league is going to return at 14 June. The Scandinavian nation had to begin playing football first in the confederation at April, but that was delayed due to fears that large group of spectators could be gathered in front of restaurants and bars. Poland has decided to give privilege to the team of the home fans to first attend the plays where they will fill of up to 25 percent of the capacity of stadia. Football activities in this country returned 30 May. Russia is re-starting its league on 19 June. Health officials gave the green light for fans to return there where they belong, however only one rule has to be followed: capacity of arenas must be completed of up to 10 percent.


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