11 June 2020

Joint qualifying events have new dates

Due to the well known situation in the world, couple of qualifying events had to reschedule its matches, which supposed to take place at the end of March and in the beginning of June. Therefore five days ago new dates were confirmed on the Asian continent, so that the World Cup 2022 together with Asian Cup 2023 qualifiers would continue to entertain us with its thrilling duels.
Four stages remained to be played from the second round, those will be staged in the second part of 2020 where also are going to be equally divided on two months. Phase seven will be back on 08 October, while five days later stage eight will commence. Games from the penultimate phase nine will be played on 12 November, whilst 17 November are considered to be the last stage from round two.
Round three from both events is expected to begin in March 2021.


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