16 June 2020

Various achievements recorded from couple of leagues

At 13 June two records were accomplished in various states. Those are not connected with one another which at the same time are divided in negative and positive side.
Recently we had the youngest scorer, while now there is a player who is addicted of receiving plenty of warnings during games, and all this happened in the same league. Klaus Gjasula received his yellow card number 17 this season when his Paderborn 07 played with Werder Bremen. Therefore the 30-year-old midfielder is an absolute recorder for his fouls, and what is more worse, he has a 'chance' to improve it even further: as only three rounds remains until the end of the German championship.
On the Apennine peninsula a completely different situation. The first match ever (after the terrible situation in the world at the moment) after March, the football in Italy started with the Cup duel between Juventus and Milan. It was watched by 8.3 million viewers on the state television network RAI 1, beating the previous record when the national team played against Bosnia and Herzegovina (for the European qualifiers in November 2019), where 7.4 million people were glued to the television device.


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