25 June 2020

In a slightly altered way dates revealed for starting new season

Because the old is still in the 'middle of play' and is going to complete in August, the new season is therefore moved, so both European international club competitions will start at the same month with its elimination matches. Seven days ago the confederation have confirmed the new calendar for 2020-21, where usually every June are the commencing kick-off for the next season.
Out of the two tournaments Champions league will start first, with the preliminary round on 08 and 11 August. First qualifying round is scheduled for 18 and 19 (during these dates it is going to collide with the 'final 8' of the old 2019-20 season), 25 and 26 is the second, who together with the third qualifying round on 15 and 16 September all duels are going to be played in 90 minutes only (there will be one match instead of two). The last, fourth (or play-off) qualifying round is scheduled to be staged over two legs: 22 and 23 together with 29 and 30 September. Group stages are going to be from 20 October until 09 December. At 2021 are three knockout phases, while the final will be on 29 May of the same year at the largest town in Turkey Istanbul.
In the most amusing competition each of the four qualifying rounds plus the preliminary is going to be decided on one game: the first two are at 20 and 27 August, whilst the last three elimination stages will be on 17 and 24 September together with 01 October. Of 22 October as far as 10 December are the group stages, and four knockout rounds are scheduled for next year. Polish city of Gdansk is going to finish the Europa league tournament with the last game on 26 May 2021.


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