26 June 2020

Small against big

In other words, the above title should be like a little kid goes who goes against one of the parent or in short (s)he rebels which at the end did not succeed.
This story started last Thursday, where Colombia was one of the three (which later was reduced to two) candidate countries to host the World Cup 2023 for women. Because the South American confederation stood behind its member state just to win the rights, the two of them attacked and blamed the world football organization of 'erroneous and discriminatory conclusion'. Out of the negative remarks that was mentioned inside the report was about the 'medical service, doping and commercial aspects of the bid', plus the terrorism issue got also written.
Meanwhile from the Asian side, the region has dropped the support of Japan and in the beginning of the week has approved the joint bid of Australia and New Zealand where today was confirmed as winners of staging the event in three years time.


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