08 June 2020

Only one can survive - while the other has to be 'sacrificed'

Due to the epidemic issues, the government in Holland have determined to forbidden football activities until September and without any other option, at the end of April the local association terminated the league for this season. The five travelers that will represent the country at the international league events for 2020-21 have been revealed (two clubs from the first and three for the second), and now slowly the trouble can begin.
As it stands in the current rankings, Netherlands have two spots for the (non interested) Champions league: one direct (where Ajax have been chosen to compete in the group stage), while the other team have to torture themselves through qualifiers (this place belongs to AZ). Last Tuesday, the club from Alkmaar notified the European organization to suspend this decision, where they believe have every right to be direct group phase participants after beating their opponents from the capital twice in the regular part of the season and both had equal points at the table, until the league got adjourned. Now, the goal difference is something else, and (maybe) unimportant in this case...


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