31 May 2019

Golden shoe winner

Although most national championships in Europe are already finished (the last is going to end 02 June), it can now be confirmed the winner of the Golden shoe award at the confederation. For the first time we have a hat-trick winner, whilst also for the first time two players has helped the same club to triumph four times in a row.
The best goalscorer of the continent is Lionel Messi who has won this awards three consecutive times (2016-17 got 37 goals, 2017-18 with 34 goals and 36 times has rolled the ball behind goalkeepers in 2018-19). Together with 34 goals in 2009-10, a record of 50 goals in a season scored in 2011-12 and 46 balls behind goalkeepers at 2012-13 the Argentinian is the first man to lift this prize six times.
As for the club is concerned his teammate Luis Suarez began collecting trophies for Barcelona when at 2015-16 season the Uruguayan striker scored 40 goals.

30 May 2019

Record amount of tickets to go on sale

For the complicated European championship next year the organization has unveiled all ticket prices. In total 3 million entry papers are going to be released, and out of those 2.5 million (82 percent of entire number) can be bought by spectators. This number represents a record for any official event playing on the continent, while the plan for purchasing a ticket is called 'fan-first' which is further divided on three stages.
Phase number one is going to commence from 12 June and is going to last until 12 July. During this period fans can purchase 1.5 million entry papers. On 30 November is the official draw for the competition and as well is going to begin stage number two when will be offered 1 million tickets. After play-offs are finished and the last 4 teams are known for the competition, phase three is going to be coordinated with those qualified teams and its national associations from April 2020.
In the 'fan-first' category the cheapest ticket will cost 50 euros (which 1 million entry papers are going to be on sale), while 95 euros will be the expensive one (for the final game). All fans are encouraged to buy tickets for the event through the web page euro2020.com/tickets.

29 May 2019

Unveiled schedule of Nations league matches

For the first time all 41 member nations in North, Central America and Caribbean (CONCACAF) are going to participate at the Nations league of the confederation. So far 6 strongest teams of the continent were privileged and did not play, while the rest 35 participated at the overall tournament only to get a clearer view which teams will go into leagues A, B or C. In total 102 matches are going to be played for the first (and divided) CONCACAF Nations league who is going to commence from this fall. Seven days ago it was revealed the whole schedule which can be viewed and download from the website of the organization.

28 May 2019

An athletics corruption on football president

Because of an athletics case, the president of PSG Nasser al-Khelaifi is under investigation in France over corruption charges. On Thursday it was revealed that the 45-year-old businessman from Qatar is being accused of giving 2.4 million euros at 2011, just for this Middle East country to be the host of the world athletics championships. From Oryx Qatar sports investment this amount was transferred to the firm of the son of Lamine Diack (former president of the world athletics federation).

27 May 2019

Teams from one country in last couple of matches

We have reached the final two duels of the European Cup competitions for 2018-19. This season four English clubs made it to the last games. In both events next week we are going to have new champions, the following two matches are beginning at the same time and on new nights (in a little bit reversed order that we used to watch until now).

An usual, Europa league final is always starting in the middle of the week. The schedule for this year happens to be on the last Wednesday night this month.

Wednesday, 29 May at 21.00 CET: Chelsea - Arsenal.

To attract more television viewers at the Champions league, the European football organization has put 'the exciting' last match on weekend. An first night of the next month is picked to be lucky for one of the following teams.

Saturday, 01 June at 21.00 CET: Tottenham - Liverpool.

26 May 2019

Ex Asian football president has passed away

Unfortunately, this Wednesday the Asian continent has lost a great man. Paduka Ayahanda Sultan Ahmad Shah al-Musta'in Billah ibni al Marhum Sultan Abu Bakar Ri'ayatuddin al-Mu'adzam Shah died in Kuala Lumpur at the age of 88.
Among other political and sporting achievements, for 30 years (1984 - 2014) was successfully the chairman of Malaysia football association, and also led the Asian football confederation from 1994 until 2002. Under his presidency this sporting visionary has added 8 new member nations in the region (from 37 to 45). On a international level, his great accomplishment was leading the bid of increasing the World Cup slots for Asian teams (from 3 to 4.5) starting with 2006 and onwards. Also was a key man of bringing the best 32 teams in the world on the continent: the 2002 event held in Japan and South Korea.

25 May 2019

Not a good idea after all

Finally, a 'very original' idea of adding 16 more teams at the next World Cup event has been rejected and abandoned this Wednesday. This was the wish by the president of the world football organization (FIFA) by saying that the competition would be exciting to watch competing of nearly 50 teams, plus more money will pour into the budget. Same FIFA issued a statement saying that 'the tournament will remain as originally planned with 32 teams and no proposal will be submitted at the next Congress on 05 June'.
To put it simply: this competition will last over a month and is going to be completely ruined. However, who knows how the format is going to look like in 2026 when is already decided (again in advance) that the event will have 48 teams.

24 May 2019

Caribbean host began selling tickets

It is wide known that for the first time the Gold Cup event (which is beginning next month) is going to be played throughout the region. Only 3 nations are going to be privileged to welcome the 16 best teams in the confederation.
One of the host is the beautiful island country on the Caribbean who has started to sell tickets for the competition two days ago. Jamaica will welcome 3 teams together with its own at the first 2 duels from group C who are going to be played at the Independence park in the capital Kingston.

23 May 2019

Political interference in football...again

Exactly seven nights from now, Henrikh Mkhitaryan will not be able to help his teammates at the Europa league final which is playing in Azerbaijani capital Baku at the end of the month. This means that Arsenal is going to miss a key player, that practically got them this far (into the last and important game of the season). Not even a 'special invitation' is rescuing the 30-year-old talented Armenian as the time now is very short for issuing one. While the European football organization defend itself that his safety is already guaranteed, the club has decided to leave the player at home after talks with him and his family. And the main reason of why this is happening is a political and diplomatic dispute (stupidity) of the two countries which has not resolved yet: citizens can not cross border and go into the other nation due to the Nagorno-Karabakh oblast (region) to which both countries are entitled for.

22 May 2019

Officials were revealed for summer competition

On the American continent there is going to be two official football events that will commence from next month. Neighboring South is starting first, while the North region together with Caribbean and Central part follows up, with just one day (for local fans) or night (for European viewers) difference of the exciting Gold Cup who will appear for the fifteenth time.
Whilst at the first week of June have to be announced every 368 players that will participate in the competition (unfortunately, we are not going to see them all), the CONCACAF organization last Friday has appointed 48 referees who are going to lead the games. Out of those 16 are going to have a main role on the pitch while 23 are going to assist them. Among these 39 names, three are 'outsiders' which are coming from the Asian confederation. For the first time a trio from Qatar is going to officiate at the Gold Cup event which is beginning next month: Abdulrahman al Jassim is the main referee, who will be joined by the assistants Taleb al Marri and Saoud al Maqaleh.
All names can be viewed or downloaded at the CONCACAF web page.

21 May 2019

Manufacturing company as a sponsor from next month

We will not get bored this summer, as next month even 3 official tournaments are going to commence on a team level. Beginning in order, this competition is the third and last (fourth in total) for 2019, and seven days ago its region has signed a 5 year deal.
Supporting the next 3 TOTAL African Cup of Nation events, 'Continental' gain the rights to advertise itself in Egypt from 21 June, Cameroon at 2021 and Ivory Coast in 2023. This worldwide company is best known for producing tires, brake systems, electronics, chassis parts, tachographs at the automotive and transportation industries.

20 May 2019

First match played on second World Cup 2022 stadium

At the spectacular opening this Thursday at the Amir Cup final between Al Sadd and Al-Duhail, marked the second stadium which is opened for the biggest sporting event on the planet. Al Wakrah is the second of its kind (after Khalifa International at 2017) who is revealed for the World Cup in Qatar, and which plans to open 6 more for the winter event until 2022. Located in south of Doha, the 40.000 seats venue is the work of late British-Iraqi designer and architect Zaha Hadid with expenses of around 510 million euros.

19 May 2019

Exclusive content on social media

Once upon a time television stations were doing it (some still do) at every tournament, but from this edition of Copa America exclusivity will be only on social media. The thrilling competition, with probably the best teams in the world, is getting closer and closer.
A not released videos are going to watch the subscribers who registered on the official page of the event (@copaamerica) on Instagram and Facebook. Followers are going to watch exclusive materials that will include an unreleased moments in official training camps, hotels and delegations of the teams, and even the transportation of the main stars. 'This agreement will enable the production of exclusive content that will bring all fans closer to the backstage of the oldest tournament in the world', said the general manager of the event Thiago Jannuzzi.

18 May 2019

Neighboring referees for last two games

While the Asian confederation appointed three female referees to lead an important AFC Cup match on Wednesday by entering into the history books, the European counterpart on Tuesday, unfortunately, sticks rigorously in believing more to male officials.
For the final two matches of the season at both competitions, the organization revealed eight names (out of which six are going to be mentioned) that are going to appear on the pitch. At the most exciting Europa league event, will officiate an Italian trio: Gianluca Rocchi, with the help of Filippo Meli and Lorenzo Manganelli as assistants on 29 May in Olympic stadium at Baku (Azerbaijan). Exactly three nights later, it is time to find out the new Champions league winner as well. At the first Saturday of June the two finalists have to listen to Slovenian referees: Damir Skomina together with Jure Praprotnik and Robert Vukan, who are going to be at Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid (Spain).

17 May 2019

History was written at Asian club competitions

Yesterday, exactly on midday, Yangon United (Myanmar) played with NagaWorld (Cambodia). This was an ordinary duel like any other from the AFC Cup tournament among the 10 matches which were on on Wednesday from the last, sixth round of the group stage. However, the above mentioned game entered into the history books in the Asian club competition. For the first time a female trio was leading this duel: Yoshimi Yamashita together with assistant referees Makoto Bozono and Naomi Teshirogi. These three officials, all of them from Japan, made their debut at the Thuwunna stadium in the former capital of the country Yangon.

16 May 2019

Losing driving licence due to a stupidity

In (almost) all European countries there is a common rule that mobile phones should be put away while driving. You have to be exceptionally 'wise' not to understand this (as you are posing a big threat to other drivers), however one ex English player broke that law.
Because this 'smart' footballer talked on mobile phone while driving, the 44-year-old admitted in court that this incident happened in November 2018 at the center of London where one witness saw him. The outcome: six days ago the court punish David Beckham by losing his driving licence on six months.

15 May 2019

Prison sentence for two international footballers

Once they were Russian pride in football for many youths, but now this duo are in jail.
Pavel Mamaev and Aleksandr Kokorin in alcoholic state, together with his younger brother Kirill and their friend Alexander Protosavitsky, are guilty of beating up a trade ministry official at a restaurant in Moscow last October. Six days ago, each was handed 18 months in prison. Prior to this incident, few hours earlier on the same day, these four has beat up a driver at a parking lot in the capital. The politician suffered shell shock after a chair was thrown to him, while the public was outraged from the behavior of the professional players after the video was published on social media.
Year and a half may pass quickly, but this can be the end of their international careers as the sports minister Pavel Kolobkov said that these two footballers will never play for Russia ever again (no matter how good they are).

14 May 2019

Issuing and purchasing Copa America 2019 tickets

Those luckiest spectators who bought tickets to watch Copa America live next month from the official website, can collect their golden papers. Last Friday (10 May) special centers have been formed for picking up these entries in all five hosting cities. Also, at the same locations and together with the website, from this Wednesday (15 May) on wards are going to offer the remaining tickets based on the available places in the games.

13 May 2019

Stadium under renovation

Last Monday, the South Sudan football association has decided to renovate the Juba stadium which was built in 1962. Thanks to the means of the world football organization (FIFA) of 5 million dollars (4.48 million euros), among others, this architecture will get: dining room, new toilets, conference room, administrative offices, rooms for referees, security...The renewal project started on 22 March, the restructuring is going to take up to 8 months, while the new look stadium is expected to be reopened next year. During this period international matches will be played either in Sudan or Uganda.
'We are happy that the association is using the FIFA forward funds for the renovation of Juba stadium', said the general secretary John Antony Lauro.

12 May 2019

World football organization is adamant on their decision

This Wednesday the world football organization has rejected the Chelsea appeal for violating contracts by bringing youth players. So, the one year ban on bringing new players stands along with financial punishment of 600.000 Swiss francs (528.377 euros) which was issued in February. However, during this period the club is allowed to sign new footballers under 16 years of age. Last hope for removing this case from their neck is the sports court in Lausanne.

11 May 2019

Confirmed changes on couple of Spanish Cup events

At the last Monday in April, the Spanish football federation have made some format changes of its two national Cup tournaments.
All teams who are going to enter Copa del Rey from 2019-2020 season will have to be very cautious as only one single game is going to be played, however this rule does not apply for semi-finals. Up until now home and away matches were staged including the finals. This modification means that fewer duels are going to be played, and also the hosts will be clubs from the lower category.
The second shift concerns the Super Cup. We were used to watch this competition to be played during the championship, but from next season this will be moved in January. Also four teams are going to participate at the event: the top two teams from the championship plus the finalists from the Cup. Because all equations are now known from 08 until 12 January 2020 at the new, altered Super Cup mini tournament will appear: Barcelona, Valencia, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. As possible host is mentioned Saudi Arabia, where the federation wants to stage this competition in the next 6 years, while the proposal costs 30 million euros per season.
For both changing formats the LaLiga clubs are adamantly against it, especially their voices are very high for the second case (playing the national event outside its borders).

10 May 2019

Visiting win for a deserved final spot

Valencia - Arsenal 2:4

Scorers: 1:0 11 (10.32) Kevin Gameiro
              1:1 16 (16.19) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
              1:2 50 (49.43) Alexandre Lacazette
              2:2 58 (57.28) Kevin Gameiro
              2:3 68 (68.15) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
              2:4 88 (87.57) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

09 May 2019

Hat-trick scored to help his team earn first final in history

Ajax - Tottenham 2:3

Scorers: 1:0 04 (04.04) Matthijs de Ligt
              2:0 35 (34.57) Hakim Ziyech
              2:1 55 (54.43) Lucas Moura
              2:2 58 (58.06) Lucas Moura
              2:3 90+5 (95.02) Lucas Moura

08 May 2019

Always believe that you can surpass the deficit and qualify for final

Liverpool - Barcelona 4:0

Scorers: 1:0 07 (06.26) Divock Origi
              2:0 53 (53.07) Georginio Wijnaldum
              3:0 55 (55.10) Georginio Wijnaldum
              4:0 78 (78.15) Divock Origi

07 May 2019

Newest sponsor of the North American football fiesta this summer

Seven days ago the North American region have signed a famous worldwide supplying lubricant company, and thus it became an official sponsor of the exciting Gold Cup event which is going to start in the middle of next month. Valvoline, an automotive services provider of motor oil, will advertise itself in 3 host countries and 17 stadiums across the continent. In total, it is the eighth partner that this thrilling championship is going to promote throughout 16 countries.

06 May 2019

Eight wishes for two finals

Next week 8 clubs will be halved to 4 who are going to participate at the European Cup competition finals. In the first full week of this month we will find out pairs which are going to be formed for the last two games in each tournament. As this is the second 90 minutes of play, there is always a possibility for the following 4 duels to go into extra time, or even penalties (if needed).

The first two finalists we are going to learn in the Champions league over two consecutive nights.

Tuesday, 07 May at 21.00 CET: Liverpool - Barcelona.

Wednesday, 08 May at 21.00 CET: Ajax - Tottenham.

Semi-final duels are also at the following competition as well. The only difference for an Europa league event is that both games are going to be played on the same night, thus the uncertainty will be revealed immediately.

Thursday, 09 May at 21.00 CET: Chelsea - Eintracht Frankfurt.
Thursday, 09 May at 21.00 CET: Valencia - Arsenal.

05 May 2019

Fans do not forgive betrayers that easily

At this sport there are numerous cases of how best players are leaving the club just to play for their (fierce) rivals. However, spectators in Bolivia last Sunday went a little bit too far with their idiotic behavior.
At the stoppage time from The Strongest - Jorge Wilstermann match, a group of fans literally attacked the home number 1 with firecrackers and cannonballs that blew near him, but luckily, neither of them was a direct hit. Due to this incident, Daniel Vaca was taken to hospital with pain in its head and ears. This 40-year-old goalkeeper was playing for the opposing team (Jorge Wilstermann) for just one season only, before joining the current club in 2011.
Police immediately entered into the tribune where few 'throwers' were caught.

04 May 2019

Out of danger

This Wednesday one of the best goalkeepers in the world suffered heart attack, who after a minor surgery is in stable condition. At the end of the afternoon training session Iker Casillas has collapsed, which then was quickly taken to a local hospital in Porto.
One of the club doctors Antonio Corbalan revealed that the number 1 unfortunately has to quit this sport, by saying 'With all of this, it is practically impossible to obtain sporting fitness. He can return to a normal life, but not to professional football'. The 37-year-old is expected to leave the hospital this coming Monday.

03 May 2019

'If you lead in my house you will suffer three times more'

Arsenal - Valencia 3:1

Scorers: 0:1 10 (10.13) Mouctar Diakhaby
              1:1 17 (17.16) Alexandre Lacazette
              2:1 25 (25.01) Alexandre Lacazette
              3:1 90 (89.57) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

02 May 2019

Uruguayan-Argentine deadly duo

Barcelona - Liverpool 3:0

Scorers: 1:0 26 (25.32) Luis Suarez
              2:0 75 (74.29) Lionel Messi
              3:0 82 (81.36) Lionel Messi

01 May 2019

Dutch representative continue to impress as visitors

Tottenham - Ajax 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 15 (14.25) Donny van de Beek