27 May 2019

Teams from one country in last couple of matches

We have reached the final two duels of the European Cup competitions for 2018-19. This season four English clubs made it to the last games. In both events next week we are going to have new champions, the following two matches are beginning at the same time and on new nights (in a little bit reversed order that we used to watch until now).

An usual, Europa league final is always starting in the middle of the week. The schedule for this year happens to be on the last Wednesday night this month.

Wednesday, 29 May at 21.00 CET: Chelsea - Arsenal.

To attract more television viewers at the Champions league, the European football organization has put 'the exciting' last match on weekend. An first night of the next month is picked to be lucky for one of the following teams.

Saturday, 01 June at 21.00 CET: Tottenham - Liverpool.


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