22 May 2019

Officials were revealed for summer competition

On the American continent there is going to be two official football events that will commence from next month. Neighboring South is starting first, while the North region together with Caribbean and Central part follows up, with just one day (for local fans) or night (for European viewers) difference of the exciting Gold Cup who will appear for the fifteenth time.
Whilst at the first week of June have to be announced every 368 players that will participate in the competition (unfortunately, we are not going to see them all), the CONCACAF organization last Friday has appointed 48 referees who are going to lead the games. Out of those 16 are going to have a main role on the pitch while 23 are going to assist them. Among these 39 names, three are 'outsiders' which are coming from the Asian confederation. For the first time a trio from Qatar is going to officiate at the Gold Cup event which is beginning next month: Abdulrahman al Jassim is the main referee, who will be joined by the assistants Taleb al Marri and Saoud al Maqaleh.
All names can be viewed or downloaded at the CONCACAF web page.


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