30 May 2019

Record amount of tickets to go on sale

For the complicated European championship next year the organization has unveiled all ticket prices. In total 3 million entry papers are going to be released, and out of those 2.5 million (82 percent of entire number) can be bought by spectators. This number represents a record for any official event playing on the continent, while the plan for purchasing a ticket is called 'fan-first' which is further divided on three stages.
Phase number one is going to commence from 12 June and is going to last until 12 July. During this period fans can purchase 1.5 million entry papers. On 30 November is the official draw for the competition and as well is going to begin stage number two when will be offered 1 million tickets. After play-offs are finished and the last 4 teams are known for the competition, phase three is going to be coordinated with those qualified teams and its national associations from April 2020.
In the 'fan-first' category the cheapest ticket will cost 50 euros (which 1 million entry papers are going to be on sale), while 95 euros will be the expensive one (for the final game). All fans are encouraged to buy tickets for the event through the web page euro2020.com/tickets.


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