31 May 2019

Golden shoe winner

Although most national championships in Europe are already finished (the last is going to end 02 June), it can now be confirmed the winner of the Golden shoe award at the confederation. For the first time we have a hat-trick winner, whilst also for the first time two players has helped the same club to triumph four times in a row.
The best goalscorer of the continent is Lionel Messi who has won this awards three consecutive times (2016-17 got 37 goals, 2017-18 with 34 goals and 36 times has rolled the ball behind goalkeepers in 2018-19). Together with 34 goals in 2009-10, a record of 50 goals in a season scored in 2011-12 and 46 balls behind goalkeepers at 2012-13 the Argentinian is the first man to lift this prize six times.
As for the club is concerned his teammate Luis Suarez began collecting trophies for Barcelona when at 2015-16 season the Uruguayan striker scored 40 goals.


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