23 May 2022

Finishing of a season

Out of three finals to be played at the end of the 2021-22 campaign has remained only two and those are scheduled to kick off on the last full week of this month. What connects both is that identical starting time is expected and (which is very strange) will entertain us on new nights.

Competition number three in significance would be staged first. Bit by bit, the youngest ever club international event is going to get its first champion. The winner of the Conference league is going to climb one step higher next season, and the answer of who it is will be discovered in Air Albania stadium, which is also known as Arena kombetare situated at the Albanian capital Tirana.

Wednesday, 25 May at 21.00 CET: Roma - Feyenoord.

Last match of the Champions league tournament had to move from one place to another again (for the third consecutive year), when basically from 24 February it was perfectly known that other town is going to host it and the decision have been made to be staged in Stade de France at Paris. Playing it on the weekend was the perfect idea from the organizers because most audience would be stuck in front of their television, and like that the viewership will just be on increase as well. Until now it is still unclear whether the victorious club in the following match would play a competition with champions of the other five confederations.

Saturday, 28 May at 21.00 CET: Liverpool - Real Madrid.


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