21 May 2022

Known where next final will be staged

Ten days ago the European football organization has already picked a place where one final would be played from its club international competition for the 2022-23 campaign.
Last two clubs for season number two of the third tournament in significance will travel to Czech Republic. Qualifying duels of Conference league are beginning on 07 July, while the event is going to end exactly 11 months later (07 June) the following year at Sinobo stadium (where until recently was known under the name Eden arena).
From way earlier it was revealed the two towns for the predecessors. Puskas stadium, Hungary will welcome the finish at Europa league on 31 May. And after two unsuccessful attempts (the 2020 and 2021 competitions were transferred to Lisbon and Porto, Portugal because of epidemic reason) finally it is turn for Turkey (hopefully third time will be lucky) to stage the last game of Champions league at Istanbul, 10 June in Ataturk Olympic stadium.


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