30 May 2022

Withdrew from event

Clubs from the Asian football competitions are just continuing to pull out and like that (again) disrupt the whole schedule.
The latest problem have caused Chao Pak Kei who had the rights to compete at the last, J group in the Afc Cup. But because the situation with the epidemics was just growing and travel restrictions in that part of the world were to blame, with no other choice this club from Macau had been forced to withdrew from the competition on 20 May. It is not the first nor last, however this group will continue its business with three teams, playing only three duels where all of them have to be held in just three nights: 24, 27 and 30 June.
Another interesting detail concerning this group is that 15 days earlier (of the withdrawal) was presented a new destination to play [Buriram, Thailand, (after its predecessor also have pulled out for the same reason)], which means that this is the only one from the other nine who do not have a hosting city.


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