20 May 2022

After eleven back to one

Playing the last European championship throughout the continent was not accepted very well at all amongst the organizers itself where in 2020 (2021) was playing in 11 countries. In the stupidity of this ludicrous idea were lots of headaches in transport, logistics, tiredness...thus the leaders have said "never again". Nor two countries are in fashion (anymore), so for the next event only one is enough.
For the competition staged in 2024 the 24 teams will be situated in Germany. Nine days ago it was revealed where would be the opening and which town is going to close the tournament, and a deja-vu repetition is happening once again (which you can read further down in this text). On 14 June the first duel awaits to be played in Allianz arena in Munich, while exactly one month later (14 July) the finish will be in the capital (Berlin) at Olympiastadion. Apart from these two cities, eight more are going to be proud hosts: Cologne, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig and Stuttgart.
This year would be known the 10 qualifying groups where 54 states is going to find out of who will play who and where to travel, so the draw for it is going to be held in Frankfurt on 09 October. Out of this 10, the top two participants will fly directly to the final competition [and mixing with another event (Nations league)] we are coming to 23 teams (plus the host) which expects the last lot: six groups that are going to be formed on 02 December 2023 at Hamburg for edition number 17.
One of the interesting thing is that the above two cities who are organizing the first and ending match has been identically the same as the World Cup 2006.


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