15 May 2022

Blocking of a club avoided

Because of sanctions from 24 February the businessman Roman Abramovich unsuccessfully has tried to sell his club. And as the government of Great Britain went against its own football team, that same one was saved on the first Friday of this month.
Until 31 May Chelsea (desperately) needed to find a new owner, and if that was not done the licence would have been abolished, which meant that it could not be paid salaries to players / workers, competing at various events...or in other words it would be a very difficult time to exist. However, the rescue came eight nights ago when it was announced that Todd Boehly is buying them for 4.25 billion pounds (5 billion euros). Seeing that everyone wants to escape the upper scenario, all papers, transactions, regulations have to be done as far as the end of the fifth month in 2022. This purchase includes 2.5 billion pounds (2.95 billion euros) for shares of the club, and this money will go to humanitarian purposes.

Please note: owing to the fact that everybody knows why the old proprietor has been put on the punished list, the reason behind is deliberately avoided to be discussed here.


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