22 May 2022

Massive change awaits three club tournaments

Beginning from 2024-25 season all three European club international competitions would have a new playing look which was confirmed 11 days ago.
At Champions league instead of eight groups only one will exist. It means that four fresh clubs are going to be added, thus 36 are going to participate rather than 32. Out of where this quartet will come, it would be decided from national associations table, qualifiers and merits based on past seasons. Each club that was fighting (so hard) for coefficients will be erased. The gaming structure says that eight duels awaits every team or four playing at home and four away. Furthermore, the first eight are guaranteed of playing in last 16, while eight other teams would qualify through play-off, that have occupied from ninth to twenty fourth spot.
Having the same number of clubs for both: Europa league would have the same reform of eight group matches, whilst on Conference league teams await six group games.
Still, one catch is coming in all these shifts: because teams are going to be increased there is absolutely no chance (and time) that everyone is going to be entertained with everyone. Will this be successful change or a real disaster, we have to wait for two more years to find out this complication.


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