01 April 2020

World campaigns for learning on how to protect ourselves

People all over the world are united in only one purpose: to eradicate the deadly virus. Therefore some confederations and individuals have launched campaigns over social media just to bring closer the awareness of what to do against and how to beat this invisible enemy.
Five days ago 13 African players have started 'safehands' and 'nohandshake' to participate in the combat against the disease. Among them is one female footballer, while all are addressing to their native dialects.
'Breakthechain' campaign was launched by the Asian football confederation on the same date. There are lots of videos from the football stars of the continent that encourages everyone to join in and follow the rules.
Speaking in the video on 13 languages, 28 (current and former) players are spreading the meaning from two collaborating affiliations: world health and football organization. They are introducing five key steps where can be seen at 'pass the message to kick out coronavirus' which became available from 23 March.


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