31 March 2020

Virtual tournament instead of a real one

Because football is missing way too long from television screens, one fanatic Internet lover of this sport in Spain have thought on how to bring it back at least for a short time...in computerized style. The idea originated from the best virtual game player of the country who was supported by LaLiga itself.
On 22 March it finished the first tournament of the FIFA LaLiga santander 20 challenge, where each team from the championship had one real player behind the joystick. Winner of the debut edition was Marco Asensio (Real Madrid) which in the final duel beat Aitor Ruibal (Leganes) with a 4:2 result. As this was mainly a charity event, one day later UNICEF has received 142.000 euros for the fight against the epidemic, which was gathered at the competition.
This virtual first time edition was broadcast live on a local sport channel where commentators presented the same emotions as it was in a real game.


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