20 March 2020

Qualifying cancellation in four regions

On a team level due to the well known situation in the whole world three associations have suspended all elimination duels which was scheduled to start at the end of the month (from next Thursday), plus couple of rounds who had to commence this summer.
At 05 March the world football association have cancelled all games from the Asian World Cup qualifiers for 2022, who are also the Asian Cup elimination duels as well for 2023. Just from this continent four rounds were suspended (two each in March and June), which equals around 60 matches. Because of the same precaution, unfortunately we will not even see the official beginning of the most interesting qualifying World Cup games from South America, who were also called off (the first 2 rounds only).
Last Friday, the African football organization has also postponed its elimination duels for the Africa Cup of Nations (for rounds 3 and 4), although this continent is not affected so strongly with the current virus.
Since North, Central America and Caribbean confederation have suspended all football activities until 13 April, the qualifying games for Gold Cup 2021 event were also cancelled.


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