10 March 2020

No one is on his side

If one former official is rejected five times in courts just to clear his name over an bribery scandal, then something here stinks big time. Exactly this kind of scenario happened to one ex-president.
At an attempt to clear the big lies connecting to his (great) name when he was the boss of the European football association, the disgraced Michel Platini has lost another legal battle. The 64-year-old was refused at the Ethics and Appeal committees inside the world football organization, highest sporting court, the Supreme court in Switzerland, and as that was not enough four days ago his appeal was also rejected at the European court of Human rights.
The case was that the Frenchman received 2 million Swiss francs (1.8 million euros) in 2011 on illegal means. On 2016 was removed from this sport on 8, then to 4 years, and as no one believes him now its just wise to wait until his suspension ends in October (in order not to waste any more 'hard working presidential' money).


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