27 March 2020

Disobedient people

After (the second most populated country in the world) India announced yesterday that 1.3 billion people cannot leave their home for the next three weeks in order not to spread the virus, at the moment there are one third citizens in the globe locked out, or in numbers this can be represented an estimation of 2.6 billion. But some are bored at home (maybe mostly because there is no sports on television) or do not like this harsh rule so they are easily breaking it, not being aware that others might get infected aside them. Here it will not be written all of those cases (as it is impossible to name everybody), however still it is going to be mentioned only two.
On 12 March it was reported that one Real Madrid player from the basketball team got infected, and because their football colleagues share the same premises, they all supposed to be under quarantine for 14 days. The word 'supposed' is deliberately written here, because one of them got out earlier than expected (who lasted 'to be alone' only one week). Last Thursday Luka Jovic flew back to Serbia, where in the capital Belgrade was seen at the birthday party of his girlfriend and model Sofija Milosevic. Now the 22-year-old striker faces jail term of up to three years or financial fine in his home country.
An second self-isolation 'famous' break away comes from the Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount dated 16 March. The 21-year-old was spotted how he entertained himself playing football (unfortunately, no one broadcast the match for the wide public) with his friend Declan Rice (West ham).
Both 'escapees' will also face further punishment from their clubs.


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