30 March 2020

Expected losses from postponed championships

Since the ball is not rolling in most of the countries (due to the well known situation) in the world, all it can be done now is to summarize the losses for the worst year in football and wait for this nightmare to be over. Here is going to be mentioned the reduction of finances for two championships plus one official tournament.
According to the accounting company Deloitte in the most infected nation in Europe, Italy, the losses for Serie A is estimated on 720 million euros if is totally postponed or nearly 170 million if it restarts again. Cancellation of the rest of the season at the German Bundesliga is evaluated on 750 million euros, where 370 million might be lost from television rights.
Last Tuesday the European championship has been postponed for 12 months, and from now the predictions for losses for 2020 goes to 6.1 billion euros where (again) the biggest income out of this number comes from television rights. Just in comparison, the 2016 event was successful so far (than other editions) with 1.92 billion euros.


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